Pillaging Our Posterity: The Obama Way

The fact that GM is paying back the bailout “loan” to the government actually proves nothing about the overall justice of the bailout. The loan and the repayment are only two of the four transactions actually involved in a fully just arrangement.  Follow the logic in this thought experiment: 1.  Party A is in direContinue reading “Pillaging Our Posterity: The Obama Way”

The Ecology of the Christian Church

It may sound pionty-headed – in fact, qb’s quite sure that it does – but qb has just discovered a rich stream of ecology literature that may substantially explain why dissidents – vocational, counterculture prophets – are essential to the long-term health and sustainability of communities (even, and perhaps particularly, Christian ones). And a bonus:Continue reading “The Ecology of the Christian Church”

It’s the Procedure AND the Substance, Stupid!

From the exclusive with Bret Baier today: Obama said the the debate over the deals “ends up being a little frustrating is because the focus entirely is on Washington process.” With all due respect – and that’s not much, incidentally – the focus is on both process and substance.  The only reason the anticonstitutionalist leadershipContinue reading “It’s the Procedure AND the Substance, Stupid!”

The Sweet Ironies of the Democrats’ Complaint

George Will does it again, this time exposing the anti-Madisonian bent of the Harry Reid “reconciliation” push. Isn’t it funny how the Democrats (including our small-minded, radical president, then as a Senator) deplored this same strategy – hilariously in retrospect and on Constitutional grounds – which Republicans eventually and wisely repudiated back when the Senate wasContinue reading “The Sweet Ironies of the Democrats’ Complaint”

The Truly Powerful

Columnist Kathleen Parker – who seems increasingly to channel Arianna Huffington – refers today to Saddleback’s Rick Warren as one of the “world’s most powerful” pastors. Powerful? It’s been a long time since I encountered a pastor who could be described as genuinely “powerful.” Prominent, yes. Lots of delegated authority, yes. Object of veneration andContinue reading “The Truly Powerful”

Time to Gloat?

Krugman may not get it, but perhaps he’s getting it:  the president is intentionally taking us down the road to socialism.  “We’re doomed,” Krugman says.  “There’s good reason to feel outraged at the growing appearance that we’re running a system of lemon socialism, in which losses are public but gains are private.” Ya think? Hey,Continue reading “Time to Gloat?”

The Insecurity of the Believer

Over at Mike Cope’s blog the other day, Mike got after the Christians – well meaning, no doubt – who post dumb stuff on billboards, attribute it to Jesus or God, and think they’re helping to usher in the kingdom of God with their incomparable cleverness. Stuff like, “I miss hearing you say, ‘Merry Christmas’Continue reading “The Insecurity of the Believer”