The Truly Powerful

Columnist Kathleen Parker – who seems increasingly to channel Arianna Huffington – refers today to Saddleback’s Rick Warren as one of the “world’s most powerful” pastors. Powerful?

It’s been a long time since I encountered a pastor who could be described as genuinely “powerful.” Prominent, yes. Lots of delegated authority, yes. Object of veneration and hero worship, yes.

But show me a pastor who holds all of that to be rubbish, and I’ll show you someone truly powerful.


P. S.  BTW, just for the record:  the larger substance of Parker’s column this morning is spot-on.

One thought on “The Truly Powerful

  1. Archimedes thought he could move the world with leverage(from where, to where, I don’t know) But, I would guess that Warren’s leverage with Uganda is much less than Parker imagines. And, are the homosexualls being threatened with genocide or closetation?

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