Sundays at the Local Megachurch

North Point Media has nailed it.  All that’s missing is the standard “holy hop” by all of the bandmates while the guitarists are hitting those Casting-Crowns-type chords.  Thanks to Mike Cope for the link.  qb

4 thoughts on “Sundays at the Local Megachurch

  1. qb,

    Hilarious and sad. Even with a decent homily with decent theology and an occasional anthem or hymn: what is communicated is still only electronic snake handling. Going to the movies or watching television is better. Church is a social event with God present by faith. Oh, well, preaching to the, uhh, choir.


  2. if ‘n ya read “jim and casper go to church”, then you’ll really get an eyes-wide open view of church.

    joe bob sez check it out.

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