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Sundays at the Local Megachurch

8 May 2010

North Point Media has nailed it.  All that’s missing is the standard “holy hop” by all of the bandmates while the guitarists are hitting those Casting-Crowns-type chords.  Thanks to Mike Cope for the link.  qb

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  1. 9 May 2010 5:18 pm


    Hilarious and sad. Even with a decent homily with decent theology and an occasional anthem or hymn: what is communicated is still only electronic snake handling. Going to the movies or watching television is better. Church is a social event with God present by faith. Oh, well, preaching to the, uhh, choir.


  2. 10 May 2010 12:05 pm


  3. 10 May 2010 12:06 pm

    Not sure if the writer of Hebrews 10:26 had to attend a church like this, but it makes ya wonder. qb

  4. larry permalink
    17 May 2010 4:11 pm

    if ‘n ya read “jim and casper go to church”, then you’ll really get an eyes-wide open view of church.

    joe bob sez check it out.

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