What I Wish He’d Said

Fellow Americans, Allies, and Lovers of Freedom Across the World: We need not be reminded of the monstrous evil that al Qaeda brought to American shores on September 11, 2001.  We buried 3,000 of our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and children over the next days and weeks, and no doubt the raw bitterness of thatContinue reading “What I Wish He’d Said”

Why We Oughta Be a Bit More Humble About What We “Know”

Occasionally I go to a feedyard and measure dust concentrations, wind speed/direction, solar radiation, humidity, and a couple other things, all of which gives me a chance to estimate the rate at which the feedyard is emitting dust. I bring all those data back to the office, load ‘em into my computer, and run themContinue reading “Why We Oughta Be a Bit More Humble About What We “Know””

The Truly Powerful

Columnist Kathleen Parker – who seems increasingly to channel Arianna Huffington – refers today to Saddleback’s Rick Warren as one of the “world’s most powerful” pastors. Powerful? It’s been a long time since I encountered a pastor who could be described as genuinely “powerful.” Prominent, yes. Lots of delegated authority, yes. Object of veneration andContinue reading “The Truly Powerful”

What is it With These Anglicans, Anyway?

It occurred to me that the gentle reader may not detect the winsome tone of the last paragraph below.  So in order to clarify that a bit without insulting the gentle reader’s intelligence, qb would like to give a bit of a hint.  Some years ago, my eldest sister gave my mom a birthday orContinue reading “What is it With These Anglicans, Anyway?”

Exhibit A: Political Humility

One little snippet from the seismic drama unfolding in Massachusetts tonite. During his acceptance speech, Senator-elect Brown invited the nationally recognizable Mitt Romney to the dais to thank him for his help during the successful Senate campaign.  It took a good 5-10 seconds for Mr. Romney to make his way through the mass of supportersContinue reading “Exhibit A: Political Humility”

The Next Inaugural Address

This draft address – a work in progress, subject to continual editing and refinement – represents not my own intentions but rather serves as a repository of all of the great ideas that together form a political philosophy that qb could support. It is the presidential platform that would command qb’s steadfast and energetic allegiance.Continue reading “The Next Inaugural Address”

Raging Against It

In the news this morning:  a wonderful, gentle, man with a passion for Jesus and (therefore) the poor has died.  Prematurely, of a blood disease, at 57.  His son is a worthy successor.  I coached his granddaughter for a couple of seasons in soccer, and the whole family is just delightful, down to earth.  TheyContinue reading “Raging Against It”