An Open Letter to Laura Ingraham

Dear Laura:

qb yields to noone in loyalty to your radio program.  When qb is on the road and has good 3G signal or Wi-Fi, he catches you live via FlyCast on KJCE-AM 1370 as the preferred alternative to Glenn Beck; otherwise, he listens to KGNC-AM 710 here in Amarillo from 2-5 after Rush Limbaugh in lieu of Sean Hannity.  qb loves your toughness, your ideological conservatism, and your intellect, and despite your Ivy League pedigree (Dartmouth Law), you normally seem pretty down to earth.

But today, you should be ashamed of yourself.  I have seldom heard such a disrespectful, self-important, petty, condescending segment as your interview of the president of the national Black Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Harry Alford.

Petty:  When you make your guest wait several minutes until your clever (!) little segue is over, why is it any surprise that your guest has his speakerphone on when you finally go to him?  Other people are busy, too, and don’t forget:  you asked HIM to come on your show.  He was doing YOU a favor, not the other way around.  Where are your gratitude and understanding?  Disrespectful to YOU?  C’mon, lighten up.  It wasn’t that big a deal.  You remind me of Barbara Boxer, not Jack Nicholson.

Condescending:  Who do you think you are, bloviating about how “if any of my producers did that [answered your call on speakerphone], he’d be walking out the door right now?”  Are your producers your serfs, and does it inflate your sense of self-worth to be so glib about their jobs?

Self-important:  Wow, I’m not sure where to start except to say, “see above.”  “Great disrespect…millions of people listening to this program?”

Oblivious:  Mr. Alford is now your ally, despite the fact that he voted for Barack Hussein Obama in ’08.  He is “all in,” ready to do whatever he can to ensure that anybody but BHO wins in ’12.  Where do you get off lecturing him concerning what YOU want from him?  Is he getting uppity on your plantation?  Did you not hear yourself?  Do you think he has no intelligence of his own?  Here Mr. Alford is using the most direct, polemical rhetoric possible to castigate BHO for his policies, and you treat him like an inferior.

I don’t know what else to say.  I expected SO much better from you.  I double-dog dare you to go back and listen to yourself, especially the first half of the interview.  And I dare you to come on Monday and apologize for such an embarrassing display.

A loyal listener and fellow arch-conservative,


One thought on “An Open Letter to Laura Ingraham

  1. I totally agree with you. Please specify why using the speakerphone is a sign of disrespect. That it is acoustically unfavorable goes without saying. However, “disrespect” is not only silly but arrogant.

    To someone in radio “producer” means someone like Roz Doyle on Frasier, nothing like a film producer who has considerable influence over the project he is managing to finance.

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