Autocatalysis: The Engine of Growth, the Mediator of Natural Selection

Robert Ulanowicz has written a couple of really important books that take us beyond Newton, beyond Darwin, beyond the Enlightenment, beyond irreversible thermodynamics, beyond statistical mechanics, and even beyond quantum physics in our quest to understand the agencies by which order emerges from chaos. ¬†(Christians, naturally, put the Holy Trinity in that slot. ¬†Nothing inContinue reading “Autocatalysis: The Engine of Growth, the Mediator of Natural Selection”

The Ecology of the Christian Church

It may sound pionty-headed – in fact, qb’s quite sure that it does – but qb has just discovered a rich stream of ecology literature that may substantially explain why dissidents – vocational, counterculture prophets – are essential to the long-term health and sustainability of communities (even, and perhaps particularly, Christian ones). And a bonus:Continue reading “The Ecology of the Christian Church”