Los Nortenos (Bryan, TX) – Warm Salsa w/Chips

A tribute to one of the great Tex-Mex eateries.  For an obscure reference to Patsy’s legendary cafe in downtown Bryan, listen to Lyle Lovett’s (Class of ’84) “This Old Porch.”  And then listen to the rest of the album, too. —– OK, it works something like this.  Start a 3-qt saucepan over low heat.  WhenContinue reading “Los Nortenos (Bryan, TX) – Warm Salsa w/Chips”

Los Nortenos, Bryan, TX

Last week whilst in College Station for some meetings, qb hustled over to downtown Bryan to check in with the good folks at Los Nortenos.  The “Brent Averman Special” (see previous post) costs $7.99 now instead of the $1.92 that qb paid when it was a la carte, but the plate is bigger, it stillContinue reading “Los Nortenos, Bryan, TX”