Political Schadenfreude: A Luxury Item

From the “you can’t make this stuff up” file: 1.  The most ethical Administration since the Great Schism has now seen three major appointments withdrawn due to *ahem* distractions, a fourth confirmed under a cloud of inconvenient tax *ahem* difficulties, and a fifth confirmed despite his key role in President Clinton’s widely condemned pardon ofContinue reading “Political Schadenfreude: A Luxury Item”

You Might Be a Pharisee If…

One of the really wonderful things about reading N. T. Wright’s The New Testament and the People of God is the gentleness with which Wright subverts unexamined, overly simplistic accounts of “the way things were in New Testament times.” And it’s funny how one’s personal circumstances – one’s story, if you wish – can colorContinue reading “You Might Be a Pharisee If…”

If not $900 billion, how much “stimulus” is about right?

The current thinking?  The Senate seems likely to cut the stimulus bill when full floor debate begins on Monday.  But it raises the question:  what is the basis for objecting to $900 billion?  How much “stimulus” is about right?  What if the bottom line were $850 billion?  $795 billion?  At what point do the BenContinue reading “If not $900 billion, how much “stimulus” is about right?”

Days o’ Plenty in Professional Men’s Tennis

Muttering obscenities under his breath, qb had to leave for work at 3-4 in the fifth set of this epic, with the players on serve, Verdasco playing out of his mind, and Nadal doing everything he can to keep the ball in play in the face of a withering assault by his 14th-seeded countryman.  (NearlyContinue reading “Days o’ Plenty in Professional Men’s Tennis”

An Open Letter to Senator John Cornyn

Dear Senator Cornyn: As a staunch supporter of you and Senator Hutchison, and of conservative principles in general, I respectfully  request that you and Senator Hutchison exert every effort to defeat this abominable, so-called “stimulus” bill,  which is nothing of the sort and which will, if passed, inevitably serve as both a baseline for future budgets Continue reading “An Open Letter to Senator John Cornyn”

An Open Letter to the DNC

It is clear to me that the DNC and its affiliate organizations are being totally disingenuous about what President Obama’s opponents are saying. If Obama wants to strengthen our defenses, do what is necessary to win the war on terror, cut taxes across the board, decrease federal expenditures on abortion, preserve the First Amendment rightsContinue reading “An Open Letter to the DNC”

Credit Where It’s Due

Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.  This apology shows a lot of class.  No dithering, no excuses, no self-justification, no buck-passing, no claims of mitigating circumstances, no patronizing…just a direct, simple statement of culpability and remorse, untethered to any obvious benefit to himself…except, perhaps, a repaired conscience.  And that ain’t a bad example for aContinue reading “Credit Where It’s Due”