The Perfect March Madness Bracket, Part II

In the last post, we saw that the odds of picking the two play-in games and the Final Four perfectly are a straightforward 1/32.  Three out of every 100 people will pick those five games perfectly, on average.  But there are 60 more games to pick, and the simplest method of estimating those odds isContinue reading “The Perfect March Madness Bracket, Part II”

The Perfect March Madness Bracket, Part I

Lots of posts out there on the probability of predicting a perfect, 66-team tournament bracket. The logic does not seem terribly refined, though; the simplest approach misleads us into thinking it’s far less likely than it really is, as do many of the methods. qb’s approach will be to come up with the maximum conceivableContinue reading “The Perfect March Madness Bracket, Part I”

DDP Alert: Steamboat Springs, CO

Diet Dr. Pepper on draft is scarce up in these parts, so a Texan goes into every restaurant and cafe resigned to fate. What’s glorious about that is that it sets us up for a marvelous serendipity, which qb discovered at 0700 MST:  the bagel shop in Central Park Square has DDP on draft, self-serve.Continue reading “DDP Alert: Steamboat Springs, CO”

8-0, 10-0, and 20-0

Congratulations to Coaches Rick Zimmer and Darren Mooneyham and the whole De Zavala Middle School 5th grade boys’ football team (Kids, Incorporated), who wrapped up an 8-0 season with a 40-0 thrashing of Greenways #2 this past Sunday. On Greenways’ second play from scrimmage, qb’s son Silas (#80, R) sprinted in from left defensive endContinue reading “8-0, 10-0, and 20-0”