Why We Oughta Be a Bit More Humble About What We “Know”

Occasionally I go to a feedyard and measure dust concentrations, wind speed/direction, solar radiation, humidity, and a couple other things, all of which gives me a chance to estimate the rate at which the feedyard is emitting dust. I bring all those data back to the office, load ‘em into my computer, and run themContinue reading “Why We Oughta Be a Bit More Humble About What We “Know””

Rethinking “Inspiration” – 04 (abstract)

Kevin Davis’ thoughtful and generous reply to a previous post on this topic demands a thoughtful answer, which will come in due course.  Now that the holidays are coming to a close, I expect to return to the thread in a couple of weeks after I re-engage with some of the scholarly literature on theContinue reading “Rethinking “Inspiration” – 04 (abstract)”

Understanding “Inspiration” – 02

In the first post in this series I laid out the origins of my search for an alternative understanding of “inspiration” as it pertains to our Holy Scriptures.  And they are holy.  So much so that I must admit to being obsessed by them and the risen Christ to whom they piont. That first postContinue reading “Understanding “Inspiration” – 02″

Understanding “Inspiration” – 01

Caveat emptor:  This post is experimental, unfinished, incomplete, and contingent.  It is certainly NOT a serious draft of some scholarly article destined for later submittal to a high-impact journal.  In this post, qb is merely airing a set of ideas into a quasi-public forum so that they can be tested.  qb will own what heContinue reading “Understanding “Inspiration” – 01″

Wright and Willard Again

When qb engages in field research to estimate a quantity like, for example, an emission flux of particulate matter from a feedyard’s corral surfaces, his confidence in the reliability of the estimates improves when he gets the same range of numbers using multiple independent methods.  That kind of convergence is not sufficient for a claimContinue reading “Wright and Willard Again”

Disciples = Christians?

OK, qb concedes that the disciples were called Christians early on, in Antioch. But we – qb included, for all of his sentient years (n<45) – seem reflexively to hear “disciple” when we hear “Christian,” and vice versa.  Is that justified? —– I’m not going down the road you might think.  I’m not saying, inContinue reading “Disciples = Christians?”

Epistemology 01: A working glossary

Thanks to a timely delivery by Amazon.com, I want to take a brief hiatus from N. T. Wright for what I hope will be a profitable detour into the questions of Christian epistemology, or how we come to know what we know and what relationship that has to the validity of our Christian professions, commitments,Continue reading “Epistemology 01: A working glossary”

Matthew’s Gospel: Storytelling as Craft

It will be a while before qb exhausts all of the debts he owes to N. T. Wright through his The New Testament and the People of God.  This morning, the debt centers on the gospel attributed to Matthew.  Undoubtedly many people through the ages have picked up on what qb has only today recognized: Continue reading “Matthew’s Gospel: Storytelling as Craft”

A Must-Read Blog Series

Dr. Beck has completed it as of Friday morning, and it’s outstanding.  It consists of about 10 posts, scholarly but easy to read, on the topic of “original sin.”  Those of you who have been intrigued by the intersection of Christian ethics with such things as Peak Oil, biophysical limits, and ecological footprint will findContinue reading “A Must-Read Blog Series”