COVID-19: Beam Me Up, Scotty!

I’m writing this post well after business hours, on my own laptop at the house, and as an Aggie father who is paying rather tidy sums to provide a high-quality, collegiate education to a newly minted junior at Texas A&M. I’m not writing in my official capacity as an employee of the Texas A&M System.Continue reading “COVID-19: Beam Me Up, Scotty!”

COVID-19: Masks and the Hypoxia Question

Thanks to a tip from my sister Andrea, I will receive in the next couple of days a stack of refereed journal articles that purport to shed some light on the answer to these questions: To what extent, if at all, does wearing a mask that is thought to intercept infectious particles effectively cause bloodContinue reading “COVID-19: Masks and the Hypoxia Question”

The Perfect March Madness Bracket, Part II

In the last post, we saw that the odds of picking the two play-in games and the Final Four perfectly are a straightforward 1/32.  Three out of every 100 people will pick those five games perfectly, on average.  But there are 60 more games to pick, and the simplest method of estimating those odds isContinue reading “The Perfect March Madness Bracket, Part II”

The Perfect March Madness Bracket, Part I

Lots of posts out there on the probability of predicting a perfect, 66-team tournament bracket. The logic does not seem terribly refined, though; the simplest approach misleads us into thinking it’s far less likely than it really is, as do many of the methods. qb’s approach will be to come up with the maximum conceivableContinue reading “The Perfect March Madness Bracket, Part I”

Relieving PreacherMike of a Hosting Burden

I’ve transposed a discussion from Mike Cope’s blog to here as a courtesy to Mike, who has been very patient with us.  If you want to read the background for this post, click here.  What follows is a reply to Q and JTB. —– Q, I’ll try to unpack a little more.  But I wantContinue reading “Relieving PreacherMike of a Hosting Burden”

Why We Oughta Be a Bit More Humble About What We “Know”

Occasionally I go to a feedyard and measure dust concentrations, wind speed/direction, solar radiation, humidity, and a couple other things, all of which gives me a chance to estimate the rate at which the feedyard is emitting dust. I bring all those data back to the office, load ‘em into my computer, and run themContinue reading “Why We Oughta Be a Bit More Humble About What We “Know””

Rethinking “Inspiration” – 05; Looking to Ourselves

We began the series trying to establish some benchmarks, and it seems appropriate to revisit them here from another angle before pressing too far ahead.  Far more important than any other benchmark is to establish precisely what it is that we are asking. In that regard, then, qb affirms that our canonical scriptures are divinelyContinue reading “Rethinking “Inspiration” – 05; Looking to Ourselves”

Epistemology 01: A working glossary

Thanks to a timely delivery by, I want to take a brief hiatus from N. T. Wright for what I hope will be a profitable detour into the questions of Christian epistemology, or how we come to know what we know and what relationship that has to the validity of our Christian professions, commitments,Continue reading “Epistemology 01: A working glossary”

Willard to Dawkins: Put Up or Shut Up!

Dallas Willard has seen fit to take on Richard Dawkins on Dawkins’ own turf – the dismissal of God via Darwinism – and the polemical result is surprising.  (I don’t want to trivialize some really important criticisms, but it’s funny to read Willard obliquely referring to an Oxford-class professor as a “redneck.”) The essence ofContinue reading “Willard to Dawkins: Put Up or Shut Up!”