Steamboat Springs, CO: Mahogany Ridge Brewery and Grill

Mahogany Ridge Brewery and Grill 435 Lincoln Avenue, Steamboat Springs, CO (970) 879-3773 Look, the term “brewery” inevitably evokes images of bad soup, fish & chips, chicken wings, and broccoli/parmesan dip in a boule.  Most brewpubs are like that:  overpriced, unimaginative food of mediocre quality. This ain’t that place. This place takes “brewery and grill”Continue reading “Steamboat Springs, CO: Mahogany Ridge Brewery and Grill”

Los Nortenos (Bryan, TX) – Warm Salsa w/Chips

A tribute to one of the great Tex-Mex eateries.  For an obscure reference to Patsy’s legendary cafe in downtown Bryan, listen to Lyle Lovett’s (Class of ’84) “This Old Porch.”  And then listen to the rest of the album, too. —– OK, it works something like this.  Start a 3-qt saucepan over low heat.  WhenContinue reading “Los Nortenos (Bryan, TX) – Warm Salsa w/Chips”

Scouting Report: Jackson Hole, WY

OK, lots to do this time.  In rapid-fire succession: —– Look, the town is not Jackson Hole.  The town is Jackson.  The topographic feature is Jackson Hole, and the ski area is Jackson Hole Ski Resort.  But the town itself – all 8,500 residents – is Jackson.  And it’s easy to love. —– The WortContinue reading “Scouting Report: Jackson Hole, WY”

Spectacular Italian in Steamboat Springs, CO

Mazzola’s Italian Diner 917 Lincoln Ave., Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 (in, or rather under, the Hotel Bristol) Dinner:  5pm – close. —– The concierge at the Sheraton assured us that Mazzola’s would be open on Christmas.  Given the celestial reviews, we got down there early to ensure they had a table for 10. Closed.Continue reading “Spectacular Italian in Steamboat Springs, CO”

Old Town Pub & Restaurant, Steamboat Springs, CO

600 South Lincoln Avenue, Steamboat Spgs, CO This place gets 4.5 stars in the Google Maps reviews, as qb found out after the fact.  And it should have been that good, it really should.  This place is quintessential Colorado, an old hotel with a dance floor, a century-old bar, oval windows, and steep, woodenContinue reading “Old Town Pub & Restaurant, Steamboat Springs, CO”

La Cantina: Tex-Mex in Steamboat

La Cantina, 818 Lincoln St., Steamboat Springs, CO The proper antidote for an Arctic blast (-1F at 9pm tonite) is, naturally, Tex-Mex or New Mexican food.  The latter is hard to come by outside the blessed confines of the Land of Enchantment, and one might be forgiven for doubting the availability of decent Tex-Mex inContinue reading “La Cantina: Tex-Mex in Steamboat”

Rex’s: Breakfast in Steamboat Springs, CO

Road warriors know that restaurants affiliated with, and under the same roof as, a garden-variety chain motel like Holiday Inn are just ordinary at best, and sometimes downright awful.  They generally serve oleo instead of butter, Folger’s instead of freshly roasted and ground beans, and a mediocre food bar by which they use quantity toContinue reading “Rex’s: Breakfast in Steamboat Springs, CO”

Los Nortenos, Bryan, TX

Last week whilst in College Station for some meetings, qb hustled over to downtown Bryan to check in with the good folks at Los Nortenos.  The “Brent Averman Special” (see previous post) costs $7.99 now instead of the $1.92 that qb paid when it was a la carte, but the plate is bigger, it stillContinue reading “Los Nortenos, Bryan, TX”

Rosita’s Place, Phoenix, AZ

OK, folks, it’s time to put another push-pin on the maps on our walls.  This time – surprise! – it’s Mexican food. Let’s begin with the salsas.  Aside from the fact that the bowls are too small, which is a ubiquitous failing of most great places, the two salsas are to die for.  Neither theContinue reading “Rosita’s Place, Phoenix, AZ”

Tortilleria Lupita, Amarillo, TX

On my way home from the airport last evening, I decided to stop by an old favorite that’s too far away from my office to drive for a routine workday lunch.  But I’m rethinking that whole cost/benefit thingy.  These burritos – specifically the chile verde and the asado rojo – are simply mind-blowing.  The made-on-the-spotContinue reading “Tortilleria Lupita, Amarillo, TX”