Understanding “Inspiration” – 02

In the first post in this series I laid out the origins of my search for an alternative understanding of “inspiration” as it pertains to our Holy Scriptures.  And they are holy.  So much so that I must admit to being obsessed by them and the risen Christ to whom they piont. That first postContinue reading “Understanding “Inspiration” – 02″

Brueggemann: Preaching as Re-Imagining

*sigh* Where to start? —– In retrospect, qb’s glad he started his Walter Brueggemann era by reading The Prophetic Imagination a couple of years ago.  That’s where Brueggemann, a preeminent Old Testament scholar from the Atlanta metropolitan area, lays out his most sweeping homiletical themes.  And those themes resound gloriously in The Word Militant:  Preaching aContinue reading “Brueggemann: Preaching as Re-Imagining”

A Word to Preachers

For heaven’s sake, don’t tell me how to live, piont-by-piont. Instead, invite me into a world larger than my own, a world suffused with the character and intentions of a good, gracious, and purposeful God, to whom the life and teachings of Christ bear witness.  Do not spoon-feed (and therefore patronize) me; instead, force meContinue reading “A Word to Preachers”

What is it With These Anglicans, Anyway?

It occurred to me that the gentle reader may not detect the winsome tone of the last paragraph below.  So in order to clarify that a bit without insulting the gentle reader’s intelligence, qb would like to give a bit of a hint.  Some years ago, my eldest sister gave my mom a birthday orContinue reading “What is it With These Anglicans, Anyway?”

The Insecurity of the Believer

Over at Mike Cope’s blog the other day, Mike got after the Christians – well meaning, no doubt – who post dumb stuff on billboards, attribute it to Jesus or God, and think they’re helping to usher in the kingdom of God with their incomparable cleverness. Stuff like, “I miss hearing you say, ‘Merry Christmas’Continue reading “The Insecurity of the Believer”

Feasting on the RiverWalk

A couple of quick reviews in case you’re interested in eating along the San Antonio River downtown.  Time was, food along the river was ordinary or worse; the cafes were trading on location and setting – patios along a romantic promenade – but definitely not on the quality of the food. Times, as they say,Continue reading “Feasting on the RiverWalk”

If qb Were Preaching Again…

…here’s a preview of what qb would preach.  It wouldn’t be popular, but these are messages that red-state evangelicals need to hear, inspired by Hays’ unifying vision of the New Testament’s focal images of “cross, community, and new creation.” 1.  The Myth of American Exceptionalism.  The texts for this sermon are Luke 12:35-48, Mark 12:41-44,Continue reading “If qb Were Preaching Again…”

qb: Guilty, As Charged

Here’s an article that is well worth the time by Tom Blackaby. Blackaby indicts qb and anyone else who would presume to take on the role of shepherding others into a disciple’s relationship with Christ but who does so by taking shortcuts, “seeking” God by relying on the fruit of others’ spiritual labors. That isContinue reading “qb: Guilty, As Charged”

“All Jesus, All the Time”

Well, the otherwise subterranean War Between the Prophets has moved to prime time.  We have the Rev. Jeremiah Wright going off on America the Evil on Obama’s side, and now we have The “Honorable” James David Manning going off on Obama, the “Emissary of the Devil” (WARNING:  EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE CONTENT) on the other.  These gentlemen do not represent African AmericanContinue reading ““All Jesus, All the Time””