COVID-19: What is the Public Policy Goal?

What are we trying to achieve at this point through our public policy? One respondent said: a vaccine or a reliable treatment protocol. Of course, we want those things – both of them, if we are wise, because if the eventual vaccines are as effective (!) as the flu vaccine, we’re still going to haveContinue reading “COVID-19: What is the Public Policy Goal?”

“Come, Let Us Reason Together…”

Aristotle taught us to reason from premises. We have to start somewhere. It behooves us, then, to work toward shared premises, meaning premises that can be agreed by all sides of a debate. Recently, in a congregational confession at Highland Oaks Church of Christ, we learned this: That served as one of the major premisesContinue reading ““Come, Let Us Reason Together…””

COVID-19: Beam Me Up, Scotty!

I’m writing this post well after business hours, on my own laptop at the house, and as an Aggie father who is paying rather tidy sums to provide a high-quality, collegiate education to a newly minted junior at Texas A&M. I’m not writing in my official capacity as an employee of the Texas A&M System.Continue reading “COVID-19: Beam Me Up, Scotty!”

On “Whataboutism”

It’s fashionable, especially in elite, progressive circles, to dismiss appeals for simple, moral consistency as “whataboutism.” What’s more, if you take on “whataboutism” in public, it’s a sure bet that you’ll be lauded as a true intellectual. In fact, when “whataboutism” shows up in the mouth of President Trump, progressive zealots find the quintessential rubeContinue reading “On “Whataboutism””

Lawyers Have a Lot to Teach Us

First: don’t race ahead of the established facts. Build your case carefully and deliberately. We know a couple of things from the notorious video evidence. First, the perp is white. Second, the victim is black. Do those two facts, taken together, establish that the act itself was a racist act? Not yet, they don’t. AtContinue reading “Lawyers Have a Lot to Teach Us”

COVID-19: Masks and the Hypoxia Question

Thanks to a tip from my sister Andrea, I will receive in the next couple of days a stack of refereed journal articles that purport to shed some light on the answer to these questions: To what extent, if at all, does wearing a mask that is thought to intercept infectious particles effectively cause bloodContinue reading “COVID-19: Masks and the Hypoxia Question”

COVID-19 and the Consent of the Governed

My dear friend Stacy Grant alerted me to this fascinating piece. Let’s get a couple of criticisms out of the way first. “Sweden is also wildly outperforming models predicting COVID-19 deaths.” Aren’t we all? This observation tells us more about the models than it does about Sweden’s pandemic response. The models were always going toContinue reading “COVID-19 and the Consent of the Governed”

Yes, Go Away, Mr. Gridharadas

Stunning bit of nonsense, even by MSNBC’s already low standards. Mr. Gridharadas’ ridiculous take on the founding of the United States is an excellent illustration of why we Texas Aggies have a saying: “Highway 6 runs both ways.” For the uninitiated: SH6 leads into College Station, yes, but it also leads out of College Station.Continue reading “Yes, Go Away, Mr. Gridharadas”

Finally, a Constitutional Conservative Enters the Race

Chris Wallace’s “ham-handed” (William Bennett’s assessment) questioning of Michele Bachmann on Fox News Sunday is all over talk radio this morning. As a rule, I avoid TV political talk; it’s too painful to watch, and this would have been no different. But now having heard the exchange about Ms. Bachmann as a putative “flake,” qbContinue reading “Finally, a Constitutional Conservative Enters the Race”

An Open Letter to Laura Ingraham

Dear Laura: qb yields to noone in loyalty to your radio program. ¬†When qb is on the road and has good 3G signal or Wi-Fi, he catches you live via FlyCast on KJCE-AM 1370 as the preferred alternative to Glenn Beck; otherwise, he listens to KGNC-AM 710 here in Amarillo from 2-5 after Rush LimbaughContinue reading “An Open Letter to Laura Ingraham”