Relieving PreacherMike of a Hosting Burden

I’ve transposed a discussion from Mike Cope’s blog to here as a courtesy to Mike, who has been very patient with us.  If you want to read the background for this post, click here.  What follows is a reply to Q and JTB. —– Q, I’ll try to unpack a little more.  But I wantContinue reading “Relieving PreacherMike of a Hosting Burden”

The Ecology of the Christian Church

It may sound pionty-headed – in fact, qb’s quite sure that it does – but qb has just discovered a rich stream of ecology literature that may substantially explain why dissidents – vocational, counterculture prophets – are essential to the long-term health and sustainability of communities (even, and perhaps particularly, Christian ones). And a bonus:Continue reading “The Ecology of the Christian Church”

Moral Coherence is a Premise, Not a Theory

Forgive me if these thoughts seem poorly thought out.  They undoubtedly are. —– Brueggemann has forced qb into a tight corner, and the only tactic that seems to hold any promise of extricating qb from the corner is to entertain the idea that the satan’s primary way of corrupting God’s creation was not in introducingContinue reading “Moral Coherence is a Premise, Not a Theory”

Wright and Willard Again

When qb engages in field research to estimate a quantity like, for example, an emission flux of particulate matter from a feedyard’s corral surfaces, his confidence in the reliability of the estimates improves when he gets the same range of numbers using multiple independent methods.  That kind of convergence is not sufficient for a claimContinue reading “Wright and Willard Again”

Toward an Humbler Epistemology

In our men’s Bible study this morning, we (n=3) were dealing with the textual differences between Mark 10 and Matthew 5 with respect to the “unchastity” exception, and I spent the rest of the day, off and on, pondering the very question I posed to the guys: how do you know (cf. the SBL-NRSV’s footnotesContinue reading “Toward an Humbler Epistemology”

Epistemology 01: A working glossary

Thanks to a timely delivery by, I want to take a brief hiatus from N. T. Wright for what I hope will be a profitable detour into the questions of Christian epistemology, or how we come to know what we know and what relationship that has to the validity of our Christian professions, commitments,Continue reading “Epistemology 01: A working glossary”