The Truly Powerful

Columnist Kathleen Parker – who seems increasingly to channel Arianna Huffington – refers today to Saddleback’s Rick Warren as one of the “world’s most powerful” pastors. Powerful? It’s been a long time since I encountered a pastor who could be described as genuinely “powerful.” Prominent, yes. Lots of delegated authority, yes. Object of veneration andContinue reading “The Truly Powerful”

“Virtual Discipleship?”

You’ve got to be kidding me. Those of you with links to the now-immolated Paramount Terrace Christian Church (PTCC) will recognize one of the megachurches to which this article refers.  Must be pretty heady stuff to make the FoxNews home page.  Here’s a quote from a staff member at that church: “We live in aContinue reading ““Virtual Discipleship?””

The Therapeutic Gospel

It struck me afresh this last Saturday night during the church service at TF.  More on that in a minute. ***** Our family has been estranged from our long-time, former church home since May of 2007, when the accumulating weight of disillusionment reached the breaking point – disillusionment primarily with the character of the congregation’sContinue reading “The Therapeutic Gospel”

I’m Sure It’s Just a Coincidence

To qb’s Amarillo reader(s): Is it just me, or is there a striking resemblance between the way President Obama operates and the way certain local megachurch “pastors” have been operating over the last 4-5 years? And between the sycophantic SEIU thugs and the loyal board members who call one or more of these “pastors” theirContinue reading “I’m Sure It’s Just a Coincidence”

Come, and Die

qb has long thought that the “call of God” gets tossed around awfully carelessly among evangelicals.  “I wouldn’t be here leading this [affluent, suburban, mega-] church if God hadn’t called me here,” to paraphrase the so-called “pastor” of the new regime.  “I didn’t ask to come here,” he said repeatedly and often in the earlyContinue reading “Come, and Die”

qb: Guilty, As Charged

Here’s an article that is well worth the time by Tom Blackaby. Blackaby indicts qb and anyone else who would presume to take on the role of shepherding others into a disciple’s relationship with Christ but who does so by taking shortcuts, “seeking” God by relying on the fruit of others’ spiritual labors. That isContinue reading “qb: Guilty, As Charged”

“All Jesus, All the Time”

Well, the otherwise subterranean War Between the Prophets has moved to prime time.  We have the Rev. Jeremiah Wright going off on America the Evil on Obama’s side, and now we have The “Honorable” James David Manning going off on Obama, the “Emissary of the Devil” (WARNING:  EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE CONTENT) on the other.  These gentlemen do not represent African AmericanContinue reading ““All Jesus, All the Time””

The American Church, Orwell Style

An interesting article here shows us afresh, as if we did not know already, what kind of top-down force is required to keep illegitimate authority afloat – lest public opinion be mobilized to rein it in. If you are currently on the staff of a certain church of my acquaintance, you have recently been instructed to signContinue reading “The American Church, Orwell Style”

Hark, Men of Athens

qb’s been reflecting on the recent revelation – and the copious commentary that has ensued – that Mother Teresa served for thirty years or more during a long, suffocating, “dark night of the soul” in which she could not sense the presence of Christ and wondered if her faith was genuine, or even worth pursuing.Continue reading “Hark, Men of Athens”

Dr. Mike Armour: Humility and Leadership

 Dr. Armour is a former pulpit minister at the Skillman St. Church of Christ and ran in the Republican primary for the Texas 5th District seat in the House of Representatives against eventual winner Jeb Hensarling.  Dr. Armour’s books include a fascinating application of Clare Graves’ “       August 15, 2007   HumilityContinue reading “Dr. Mike Armour: Humility and Leadership”