Some People Just Need to Stuff a Sock In It

It’s fair to say that two of them are Danny Glover and Pat Robertson.  Good grief. —– Glover I can understand; he doesn’t presume to give me any reasons to listen to much that he has to say.  But Robertson is another matter entirely.  Some Christians are rushing to defend him in an odd sortContinue reading “Some People Just Need to Stuff a Sock In It”

The Insecurity of the Believer

Over at Mike Cope’s blog the other day, Mike got after the Christians – well meaning, no doubt – who post dumb stuff on billboards, attribute it to Jesus or God, and think they’re helping to usher in the kingdom of God with their incomparable cleverness. Stuff like, “I miss hearing you say, ‘Merry Christmas’Continue reading “The Insecurity of the Believer”

From Wormwood, With Love

Dear Readers, I thought you might benefit from this. See below for some great information about marketing your churches during the upcoming fall campaign.    Sincerely, Wormwood ——————— MINDSTORM Fall 2008    We’d love to partner with you this Fall in reaching the heart of your community. This back-to-school season is a pivotal time for families and individuals as they look for stability and aContinue reading “From Wormwood, With Love”

Christmas Pageant, RIP

Sounds as if it’s now official: the annual Christmas Pageant, which through 2005 was presented at the Amarillo Civic Center (free to all) by Paramount Terrace Christian Church, is no more. Word on the street is that the Christmas Pageant will now be replaced by some kind of event at the new church building, outContinue reading “Christmas Pageant, RIP”