High Crimes and Misdemeanors – Updated 5/18/09

The standard for impeachment, says the Constitution, is an amalgamation of amorphous legal concepts that ought to chill any executive who gives thought to engaging in anything remotely resembling them…that is, if the executive in question has a constitutional conscience.  Our president does not. —– “High” crimes:  these are not “high” in the sense ofContinue reading “High Crimes and Misdemeanors – Updated 5/18/09”

An Open Letter to J

She is a friend of mine; I hope I am a friend to her.  We served together on the search committee back in the day.  We were wounded together there by that process, and we were wounded along with many others by the result, or more precisely by the result of the result.  We wereContinue reading “An Open Letter to J”

Perpetual Juveniles

I have often observed to friends here in Amarillo, especially after my recent stint on a senior minister search committee, that the fundamental problem is not the current CEO or the paid staff surrounding him; it is WE…we who clamored for a king because we thought we needed one to fight our battles for usContinue reading “Perpetual Juveniles”

Dr. Mike Armour: Humility and Leadership

 Dr. Armour is a former pulpit minister at the Skillman St. Church of Christ and ran in the Republican primary for the Texas 5th District seat in the House of Representatives against eventual winner Jeb Hensarling.  Dr. Armour’s books include a fascinating application of Clare Graves’ “       August 15, 2007   HumilityContinue reading “Dr. Mike Armour: Humility and Leadership”