“Come, Let Us Reason Together…”

Aristotle taught us to reason from premises. We have to start somewhere. It behooves us, then, to work toward shared premises, meaning premises that can be agreed by all sides of a debate. Recently, in a congregational confession at Highland Oaks Church of Christ, we learned this: That served as one of the major premisesContinue reading ““Come, Let Us Reason Together…””

Lawyers Have a Lot to Teach Us

First: don’t race ahead of the established facts. Build your case carefully and deliberately. We know a couple of things from the notorious video evidence. First, the perp is white. Second, the victim is black. Do those two facts, taken together, establish that the act itself was a racist act? Not yet, they don’t. AtContinue reading “Lawyers Have a Lot to Teach Us”

What I Wish He’d Said

Fellow Americans, Allies, and Lovers of Freedom Across the World: We need not be reminded of the monstrous evil that al Qaeda brought to American shores on September 11, 2001.  We buried 3,000 of our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and children over the next days and weeks, and no doubt the raw bitterness of thatContinue reading “What I Wish He’d Said”

Privileges vs. Rights

It’s time to let the air out of another *sigh* liberal balloon, folks.  It’s getting monotonous, but it’s work that’s gotta be done. —– Chris Redfern, who is the Chairman of Ohio’s Democrat Party, is only the latest in a long line of liberals who weigh “health care” between the supposed poles of “privilege” andContinue reading “Privileges vs. Rights”

The Ground Zero Mosque: qb’s Take

There’s not a lot more to be said on the merits.  But we should clarify a few things so that the debate is constructive:  most importantly, what is and is not actually being said on each side. First, the facts on the ground.  If it is true that, as is reported by the NY Post,Continue reading “The Ground Zero Mosque: qb’s Take”

Was the Sermon on the Mount About Geopolitics?

Sooner or later, anyone who spends much time at all thinking about the halakah and Matthew 5 (esp. the latter half of the chapter) has to confront the question of scale, as in:  is Jesus’ teaching on nonviolence, with all of its many different hermeneutical bearings, to be applied to relations between nations as such,Continue reading “Was the Sermon on the Mount About Geopolitics?”

An Open Invitation to the Pat-Robertson-Shushers

How utterly delicious. Several prominent members of the Restoration-heritage blogosphere (of which PreacherMike is but one), and many beyond that little fraternity, are fond of telling Pat Robertson and his conservative-evangelical ilk to shut up instead of laying natural disasters at the foot of God as judgment for systemic, social immorality…as Robertson frequently does. I happenContinue reading “An Open Invitation to the Pat-Robertson-Shushers”

Juxtaposition, Political Correctness, and Fear

Sometimes the drama playing out before us is just too delicious.  Here we have two stories about school administrators making flat-footed, ham-handed decisions that defy any sensible interpretation of “equal protection under the law.”  In the Michigan case, I thought we had decided that “separate but equal” was inherently unequal, but apparently not when itContinue reading “Juxtaposition, Political Correctness, and Fear”

Some Sanity, Please

Liberals accuse conservatives of terribly overwrought rhetoric.  But as is his wont, George Will exposes the left’s own overheated posturing and its neglect of plain facts, among which is this:  since 1952, aliens have been required by federal law to carry identification on their persons.  From the nave to the White House, liberals are tryingContinue reading “Some Sanity, Please”

Pillaging Our Posterity: The Obama Way

The fact that GM is paying back the bailout “loan” to the government actually proves nothing about the overall justice of the bailout. The loan and the repayment are only two of the four transactions actually involved in a fully just arrangement.  Follow the logic in this thought experiment: 1.  Party A is in direContinue reading “Pillaging Our Posterity: The Obama Way”