Rethinking “Inspiration” – 05; Looking to Ourselves

We began the series trying to establish some benchmarks, and it seems appropriate to revisit them here from another angle before pressing too far ahead.  Far more important than any other benchmark is to establish precisely what it is that we are asking. In that regard, then, qb affirms that our canonical scriptures are divinelyContinue reading “Rethinking “Inspiration” – 05; Looking to Ourselves”

Rethinking “Inspiration” – 04 (abstract)

Kevin Davis’ thoughtful and generous reply to a previous post on this topic demands a thoughtful answer, which will come in due course.  Now that the holidays are coming to a close, I expect to return to the thread in a couple of weeks after I re-engage with some of the scholarly literature on theContinue reading “Rethinking “Inspiration” – 04 (abstract)”

Understanding “Inspiration” – 02

In the first post in this series I laid out the origins of my search for an alternative understanding of “inspiration” as it pertains to our Holy Scriptures.  And they are holy.  So much so that I must admit to being obsessed by them and the risen Christ to whom they piont. That first postContinue reading “Understanding “Inspiration” – 02″

Understanding “Inspiration” – 01

Caveat emptor:  This post is experimental, unfinished, incomplete, and contingent.  It is certainly NOT a serious draft of some scholarly article destined for later submittal to a high-impact journal.  In this post, qb is merely airing a set of ideas into a quasi-public forum so that they can be tested.  qb will own what heContinue reading “Understanding “Inspiration” – 01″

Brueggemann: Preaching as Re-Imagining

*sigh* Where to start? —– In retrospect, qb’s glad he started his Walter Brueggemann era by reading The Prophetic Imagination a couple of years ago.  That’s where Brueggemann, a preeminent Old Testament scholar from the Atlanta metropolitan area, lays out his most sweeping homiletical themes.  And those themes resound gloriously in The Word Militant:  Preaching aContinue reading “Brueggemann: Preaching as Re-Imagining”

Disciples = Christians?

OK, qb concedes that the disciples were called Christians early on, in Antioch. But we – qb included, for all of his sentient years (n<45) – seem reflexively to hear “disciple” when we hear “Christian,” and vice versa.  Is that justified? —– I’m not going down the road you might think.  I’m not saying, inContinue reading “Disciples = Christians?”

Toward an Humbler Epistemology

In our men’s Bible study this morning, we (n=3) were dealing with the textual differences between Mark 10 and Matthew 5 with respect to the “unchastity” exception, and I spent the rest of the day, off and on, pondering the very question I posed to the guys: how do you know (cf. the SBL-NRSV’s footnotesContinue reading “Toward an Humbler Epistemology”