The Legacy of Lament, Part I

An interesting bit of trivia for you fellow Zeppelin lovers. Beit/Beis/Beth Ha-Mikdash, whichever might be more familiar to you, means “house of the holy.” Now pluralize that. If you’re a fan of “Over the Hills and Far Away” or “Dancing Days,” this is your Grammy-winning album. I don’t think there’s any backward masking (as in,Continue reading “The Legacy of Lament, Part I”

Disciples = Christians?

OK, qb concedes that the disciples were called Christians early on, in Antioch. But we – qb included, for all of his sentient years (n<45) – seem reflexively to hear “disciple” when we hear “Christian,” and vice versa.  Is that justified? —– I’m not going down the road you might think.  I’m not saying, inContinue reading “Disciples = Christians?”

I’m Sure It’s Just a Coincidence

To qb’s Amarillo reader(s): Is it just me, or is there a striking resemblance between the way President Obama operates and the way certain local megachurch “pastors” have been operating over the last 4-5 years? And between the sycophantic SEIU thugs and the loyal board members who call one or more of these “pastors” theirContinue reading “I’m Sure It’s Just a Coincidence”

Come, and Die

qb has long thought that the “call of God” gets tossed around awfully carelessly among evangelicals.  “I wouldn’t be here leading this [affluent, suburban, mega-] church if God hadn’t called me here,” to paraphrase the so-called “pastor” of the new regime.  “I didn’t ask to come here,” he said repeatedly and often in the earlyContinue reading “Come, and Die”

An Open Letter to J

She is a friend of mine; I hope I am a friend to her.  We served together on the search committee back in the day.  We were wounded together there by that process, and we were wounded along with many others by the result, or more precisely by the result of the result.  We wereContinue reading “An Open Letter to J”

Can’t Live With ’em, Can’t Live Without ’em

From the “cognitive dissonance” file: I had breakfast today with one of my closest friends in the entire world, and as is customary, the conversation moved quickly out of the shallows.  The question was, as it has been for months – can it be a year already? – since Hillside Christian Church became too inhospitable: Continue reading “Can’t Live With ’em, Can’t Live Without ’em”

The American Church, Orwell Style

An interesting article here shows us afresh, as if we did not know already, what kind of top-down force is required to keep illegitimate authority afloat – lest public opinion be mobilized to rein it in. If you are currently on the staff of a certain church of my acquaintance, you have recently been instructed to signContinue reading “The American Church, Orwell Style”

Influence, Leadership and Power

John Maxwell – qb’s not a big fan, but Maxwell is at least coherent – says that “leadership is influence.”  That’s really pretty true, as far as it goes.  But it goes to seed somehow, and morphs into something else, like “influence is power.”  And influence becomes the thing sought because we see it asContinue reading “Influence, Leadership and Power”

The Roots of Discontent

In his blog today (11/8/06), Mike Cope posed the following scenario: I spoke with two men. One is unhappy at church. Some changes have him feeling uncomfortable. He just doesn’t like it. He doesn’t want to be so uncomfortable. He doesn’t care for the way the church is heading. He’s exploring other options. The otherContinue reading “The Roots of Discontent”