COVID-19: Beam Me Up, Scotty!

I’m writing this post well after business hours, on my own laptop at the house, and as an Aggie father who is paying rather tidy sums to provide a high-quality, collegiate education to a newly minted junior at Texas A&M. I’m not writing in my official capacity as an employee of the Texas A&M System.Continue reading “COVID-19: Beam Me Up, Scotty!”

The Perfect March Madness Bracket, Part II

In the last post, we saw that the odds of picking the two play-in games and the Final Four perfectly are a straightforward 1/32.  Three out of every 100 people will pick those five games perfectly, on average.  But there are 60 more games to pick, and the simplest method of estimating those odds isContinue reading “The Perfect March Madness Bracket, Part II”

Splitting the Baby

An interesting development at a Presbyterian seminary, chronicled in an article in Christianity Today. qb’s summary: A professor is offered a job at a seminary, and in order to accept the offer, he signs a statement of support for the creed embodying the doctrinal distinctives of the sponsoring denomination. In the course of his theological research, theContinue reading “Splitting the Baby”

Disingenuity in Public Education

There’s a great article today by George Will on the school-choice/voucher referendum in Utah. Find it at: The financial issue is really much simpler than Will makes it. Let’s assume that the Meretria Public School District is allocated $10,000 per eligible student for a student body of 100. The MPSD budget is therefore $1Continue reading “Disingenuity in Public Education”