Understanding “Inspiration” – 02

In the first post in this series I laid out the origins of my search for an alternative understanding of “inspiration” as it pertains to our Holy Scriptures.  And they are holy.  So much so that I must admit to being obsessed by them and the risen Christ to whom they piont. That first postContinue reading “Understanding “Inspiration” – 02″

Understanding “Inspiration” – 01

Caveat emptor:  This post is experimental, unfinished, incomplete, and contingent.  It is certainly NOT a serious draft of some scholarly article destined for later submittal to a high-impact journal.  In this post, qb is merely airing a set of ideas into a quasi-public forum so that they can be tested.  qb will own what heContinue reading “Understanding “Inspiration” – 01″

The Ground Zero Mosque: qb’s Take

There’s not a lot more to be said on the merits.  But we should clarify a few things so that the debate is constructive:  most importantly, what is and is not actually being said on each side. First, the facts on the ground.  If it is true that, as is reported by the NY Post,Continue reading “The Ground Zero Mosque: qb’s Take”

Was the Sermon on the Mount About Geopolitics?

Sooner or later, anyone who spends much time at all thinking about the halakah and Matthew 5 (esp. the latter half of the chapter) has to confront the question of scale, as in:  is Jesus’ teaching on nonviolence, with all of its many different hermeneutical bearings, to be applied to relations between nations as such,Continue reading “Was the Sermon on the Mount About Geopolitics?”

The Legacy of Lament, Part I

An interesting bit of trivia for you fellow Zeppelin lovers. Beit/Beis/Beth Ha-Mikdash, whichever might be more familiar to you, means “house of the holy.” Now pluralize that. If you’re a fan of “Over the Hills and Far Away” or “Dancing Days,” this is your Grammy-winning album. I don’t think there’s any backward masking (as in,Continue reading “The Legacy of Lament, Part I”

Eugene Peterson on Religious ADHD

From his latest offering: Americans in general have little tolerance for a centering way of life that is submissive to the conditions in which growth takes place:  quiet, obscure, patient, not subject to human control and management.  The American church is uneasy in these conditions.  Typically, in the name of “relevance,” it adapts itself toContinue reading “Eugene Peterson on Religious ADHD”

A Word to Preachers

For heaven’s sake, don’t tell me how to live, piont-by-piont. Instead, invite me into a world larger than my own, a world suffused with the character and intentions of a good, gracious, and purposeful God, to whom the life and teachings of Christ bear witness.  Do not spoon-feed (and therefore patronize) me; instead, force meContinue reading “A Word to Preachers”

What is it With These Anglicans, Anyway?

It occurred to me that the gentle reader may not detect the winsome tone of the last paragraph below.  So in order to clarify that a bit without insulting the gentle reader’s intelligence, qb would like to give a bit of a hint.  Some years ago, my eldest sister gave my mom a birthday orContinue reading “What is it With These Anglicans, Anyway?”

Cremation, Resurrection, and Biology

Some months ago, a friend and I were discussing his pickup, which was still going strong after a bunch of miles.  He had replaced doors, pumps, mufflers, hoods, windows, gaskets, manifolds, etc., throughout the years – even the block, at one piont – and eventually the question came around:  when do we cease speaking ofContinue reading “Cremation, Resurrection, and Biology”

The Insecurity of the Believer

Over at Mike Cope’s blog the other day, Mike got after the Christians – well meaning, no doubt – who post dumb stuff on billboards, attribute it to Jesus or God, and think they’re helping to usher in the kingdom of God with their incomparable cleverness. Stuff like, “I miss hearing you say, ‘Merry Christmas’Continue reading “The Insecurity of the Believer”