Scouting Report: Jackson Hole, WY

OK, lots to do this time.  In rapid-fire succession: —– Look, the town is not Jackson Hole.  The town is Jackson.  The topographic feature is Jackson Hole, and the ski area is Jackson Hole Ski Resort.  But the town itself – all 8,500 residents – is Jackson.  And it’s easy to love. —– The WortContinue reading “Scouting Report: Jackson Hole, WY”

Spectacular Italian in Steamboat Springs, CO

Mazzola’s Italian Diner 917 Lincoln Ave., Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 (in, or rather under, the Hotel Bristol) Dinner:  5pm – close. —– The concierge at the Sheraton assured us that Mazzola’s would be open on Christmas.  Given the celestial reviews, we got down there early to ensure they had a table for 10. Closed.Continue reading “Spectacular Italian in Steamboat Springs, CO”

DDP Alert: Steamboat Springs, CO

Diet Dr. Pepper on draft is scarce up in these parts, so a Texan goes into every restaurant and cafe resigned to fate. What’s glorious about that is that it sets us up for a marvelous serendipity, which qb discovered at 0700 MST:  the bagel shop in Central Park Square has DDP on draft, self-serve.Continue reading “DDP Alert: Steamboat Springs, CO”

From the Northern Rockies

An assortment of things today while qb’s on the road. —– If you’re traveling to Twin Falls, ID, and need a Diet DP fix, you can find a 32-oz fountain version inside the McDonald’s at 42.59234 N, 114.4612 W.  The quality of the DDP is above average among the fountain class. HOWEVER:  that’s not trueContinue reading “From the Northern Rockies”

Restaurant and Motel Reviews: Salida, CO

After this extended vacation season is over, we’ll return to the Growth Matrix and flesh out some of those ideas. But first things first. You need to know about an incredible morsel of real estate, three places in one city block that you will want to mark with push pins on the map of ColoradoContinue reading “Restaurant and Motel Reviews: Salida, CO”