Relieving PreacherMike of a Hosting Burden

I’ve transposed a discussion from Mike Cope’s blog to here as a courtesy to Mike, who has been very patient with us.  If you want to read the background for this post, click here.  What follows is a reply to Q and JTB. —– Q, I’ll try to unpack a little more.  But I wantContinue reading “Relieving PreacherMike of a Hosting Burden”

Understanding “Inspiration” – 02

In the first post in this series I laid out the origins of my search for an alternative understanding of “inspiration” as it pertains to our Holy Scriptures.  And they are holy.  So much so that I must admit to being obsessed by them and the risen Christ to whom they piont. That first postContinue reading “Understanding “Inspiration” – 02″

Was the Sermon on the Mount About Geopolitics?

Sooner or later, anyone who spends much time at all thinking about the halakah and Matthew 5 (esp. the latter half of the chapter) has to confront the question of scale, as in:  is Jesus’ teaching on nonviolence, with all of its many different hermeneutical bearings, to be applied to relations between nations as such,Continue reading “Was the Sermon on the Mount About Geopolitics?”

The Legacy of Lament, Part I

An interesting bit of trivia for you fellow Zeppelin lovers. Beit/Beis/Beth Ha-Mikdash, whichever might be more familiar to you, means “house of the holy.” Now pluralize that. If you’re a fan of “Over the Hills and Far Away” or “Dancing Days,” this is your Grammy-winning album. I don’t think there’s any backward masking (as in,Continue reading “The Legacy of Lament, Part I”

Wright and Willard Again

When qb engages in field research to estimate a quantity like, for example, an emission flux of particulate matter from a feedyard’s corral surfaces, his confidence in the reliability of the estimates improves when he gets the same range of numbers using multiple independent methods.  That kind of convergence is not sufficient for a claimContinue reading “Wright and Willard Again”

The Aroma of Great Exegesis

qb still remembers what it was like that first time he pushed open the doors to Brown Library at ACU and made his way through the remodeling rubble to the Theology section.  It was January 2006, and qb was beginning his seminary career with a one-week inter-term class with the sterile name, “Introduction to GraduateContinue reading “The Aroma of Great Exegesis”

Lost in the Shuffle, 11/22/63

qb is not sure that we celebrate the world’s more important loss of November 22, 1963.  Here’s a sample of his legendary writing: —– Sooner or later He withdraws, if not in fact, at least from their conscious experience, all those supports and incentives. He leaves the creature to stand up on its own legs;Continue reading “Lost in the Shuffle, 11/22/63”

Disciples = Christians?

OK, qb concedes that the disciples were called Christians early on, in Antioch. But we – qb included, for all of his sentient years (n<45) – seem reflexively to hear “disciple” when we hear “Christian,” and vice versa.  Is that justified? —– I’m not going down the road you might think.  I’m not saying, inContinue reading “Disciples = Christians?”

The Therapeutic Gospel

It struck me afresh this last Saturday night during the church service at TF.  More on that in a minute. ***** Our family has been estranged from our long-time, former church home since May of 2007, when the accumulating weight of disillusionment reached the breaking point – disillusionment primarily with the character of the congregation’sContinue reading “The Therapeutic Gospel”

Epistemology 01: A working glossary

Thanks to a timely delivery by, I want to take a brief hiatus from N. T. Wright for what I hope will be a profitable detour into the questions of Christian epistemology, or how we come to know what we know and what relationship that has to the validity of our Christian professions, commitments,Continue reading “Epistemology 01: A working glossary”