“Come, Let Us Reason Together…”

Aristotle taught us to reason from premises. We have to start somewhere. It behooves us, then, to work toward shared premises, meaning premises that can be agreed by all sides of a debate. Recently, in a congregational confession at Highland Oaks Church of Christ, we learned this: That served as one of the major premisesContinue reading ““Come, Let Us Reason Together…””

On “Whataboutism”

It’s fashionable, especially in elite, progressive circles, to dismiss appeals for simple, moral consistency as “whataboutism.” What’s more, if you take on “whataboutism” in public, it’s a sure bet that you’ll be lauded as a true intellectual. In fact, when “whataboutism” shows up in the mouth of President Trump, progressive zealots find the quintessential rubeContinue reading “On “Whataboutism””

Lawyers Have a Lot to Teach Us

First: don’t race ahead of the established facts. Build your case carefully and deliberately. We know a couple of things from the notorious video evidence. First, the perp is white. Second, the victim is black. Do those two facts, taken together, establish that the act itself was a racist act? Not yet, they don’t. AtContinue reading “Lawyers Have a Lot to Teach Us”

The Perfect March Madness Bracket, Part I

Lots of posts out there on the probability of predicting a perfect, 66-team tournament bracket. The logic does not seem terribly refined, though; the simplest approach misleads us into thinking it’s far less likely than it really is, as do many of the methods. qb’s approach will be to come up with the maximum conceivableContinue reading “The Perfect March Madness Bracket, Part I”

Relieving PreacherMike of a Hosting Burden

I’ve transposed a discussion from Mike Cope’s blog to here as a courtesy to Mike, who has been very patient with us.  If you want to read the background for this post, click here.  What follows is a reply to Q and JTB. —– Q, I’ll try to unpack a little more.  But I wantContinue reading “Relieving PreacherMike of a Hosting Burden”

Privileges vs. Rights

It’s time to let the air out of another *sigh* liberal balloon, folks.  It’s getting monotonous, but it’s work that’s gotta be done. —– Chris Redfern, who is the Chairman of Ohio’s Democrat Party, is only the latest in a long line of liberals who weigh “health care” between the supposed poles of “privilege” andContinue reading “Privileges vs. Rights”

An Open Invitation to the Pat-Robertson-Shushers

How utterly delicious. Several prominent members of the Restoration-heritage blogosphere (of which PreacherMike is but one), and many beyond that little fraternity, are fond of telling Pat Robertson and his conservative-evangelical ilk to shut up instead of laying natural disasters at the foot of God as judgment for systemic, social immorality…as Robertson frequently does. I happenContinue reading “An Open Invitation to the Pat-Robertson-Shushers”

Juxtaposition, Political Correctness, and Fear

Sometimes the drama playing out before us is just too delicious.  Here we have two stories about school administrators making flat-footed, ham-handed decisions that defy any sensible interpretation of “equal protection under the law.”  In the Michigan case, I thought we had decided that “separate but equal” was inherently unequal, but apparently not when itContinue reading “Juxtaposition, Political Correctness, and Fear”

The Ecology of the Christian Church

It may sound pionty-headed – in fact, qb’s quite sure that it does – but qb has just discovered a rich stream of ecology literature that may substantially explain why dissidents – vocational, counterculture prophets – are essential to the long-term health and sustainability of communities (even, and perhaps particularly, Christian ones). And a bonus:Continue reading “The Ecology of the Christian Church”

On Glenn Beck and “Social Justice”

I think Glenn Beck’s recent comments and the breathless reactions to them can be described pretty simply: First, the drooling critics are deliberately misconstruing him to score a few political pionts of their own.  And it has worked better than Beck probably hoped. Second, Beck himself is being deliberately provocative.  (Not wisely, and not inContinue reading “On Glenn Beck and “Social Justice””