Some Sanity, Please

Liberals accuse conservatives of terribly overwrought rhetoric.  But as is his wont, George Will exposes the left’s own overheated posturing and its neglect of plain facts, among which is this:  since 1952, aliens have been required by federal law to carry identification on their persons.  From the nave to the White House, liberals are tryingContinue reading “Some Sanity, Please”

A Jubilee Society

Brueggemann got me thinking over lunch today. Is it possible to conceive of a society in which dramatic, decisive acts of forgiveness – think of Jubilee, for example – do NOT invite the cynical mentality of contempt and the destructive habits of entitlement on the part of those forgiven? (Consider e. g. Romans 6:1ff.) AmongContinue reading “A Jubilee Society”

Some People Just Need to Stuff a Sock In It

It’s fair to say that two of them are Danny Glover and Pat Robertson.  Good grief. —– Glover I can understand; he doesn’t presume to give me any reasons to listen to much that he has to say.  But Robertson is another matter entirely.  Some Christians are rushing to defend him in an odd sortContinue reading “Some People Just Need to Stuff a Sock In It”

Be Careful. Be Very, Very Careful.

It is a dangerous thing to spend a lot of quality time with theodicy. —– OK, so let’s add to our glossary of theological terms.  Essentially, “theodicy” refers to the problem of suffering in a God-created world and asks questions about God’s complicity – tacit, passive, or active – in the evil that humans experienceContinue reading “Be Careful. Be Very, Very Careful.”

An Open Letter to J

She is a friend of mine; I hope I am a friend to her.  We served together on the search committee back in the day.  We were wounded together there by that process, and we were wounded along with many others by the result, or more precisely by the result of the result.  We wereContinue reading “An Open Letter to J”

Hegemony, RIP

Well, I can safely say this:  the columnist has saved me a couple of blogs.   It has seemed to me that hegemony requires some minimum degree of self-sufficiency in the essential dimensions, and in a post-Hubbert’s-Peak dispensation, we are no longer achieving that in the energy realm.  With all major systems (military, industrial, consumer)Continue reading “Hegemony, RIP”