Channelling FDR

Amity Schlaes wrote it before Obama won the Donkey Party nomination, and therefore she wrote it before his “Immaculation” (Rush’s facile term) this past January.  So it is uncanny – creepy – but illuminating to see how much The Anointed One and FDR have in common in their world views, their experimental tactics in policy,Continue reading “Channelling FDR”

Krauthammer on Iran

Is it possible that a successful revolution in Iran – a longshot – might, in the long run, give democracy a stronger foothold in the Middle East?  What if there was a regime change?  Might that help to stabilize Iraq further?  Charles Krauthammer certainly thinks so, and that it is a crime that the ObamaContinue reading “Krauthammer on Iran”

David Wells on “Marketers and Emergents”

Here is an excerpt of an interview in Christianity Today.  How refreshing to see that someone with far more credibility than qb is saying these things…and how interesting that Willow Creek, the uber-“seeker-sensitive” church association, is finding that its strategy is deeply flawed!  I hope that this will someday serve as a warning sign toContinue reading “David Wells on “Marketers and Emergents””

If qb Were Preaching Again…

…here’s a preview of what qb would preach.  It wouldn’t be popular, but these are messages that red-state evangelicals need to hear, inspired by Hays’ unifying vision of the New Testament’s focal images of “cross, community, and new creation.” 1.  The Myth of American Exceptionalism.  The texts for this sermon are Luke 12:35-48, Mark 12:41-44,Continue reading “If qb Were Preaching Again…”

Hegemony, RIP

Well, I can safely say this:  the columnist has saved me a couple of blogs.   It has seemed to me that hegemony requires some minimum degree of self-sufficiency in the essential dimensions, and in a post-Hubbert’s-Peak dispensation, we are no longer achieving that in the energy realm.  With all major systems (military, industrial, consumer)Continue reading “Hegemony, RIP”

American Kool-Aid

Oh, how I love irony. But more on that in a minute. From time to time, one comes across an author – Michael Frost comes to mind – whose message is deeply prophetic in the best, most Christ-imbued sense but who tries to spoil the whole thing with some patent nonsense. In order to gleanContinue reading “American Kool-Aid”

The Roots of Discontent

In his blog today (11/8/06), Mike Cope posed the following scenario: I spoke with two men. One is unhappy at church. Some changes have him feeling uncomfortable. He just doesn’t like it. He doesn’t want to be so uncomfortable. He doesn’t care for the way the church is heading. He’s exploring other options. The otherContinue reading “The Roots of Discontent”