Rethinking “Inspiration” – 04 (abstract)

Kevin Davis’ thoughtful and generous reply to a previous post on this topic demands a thoughtful answer, which will come in due course.  Now that the holidays are coming to a close, I expect to return to the thread in a couple of weeks after I re-engage with some of the scholarly literature on the subject of biblical inspiration.  In particular, I intend to spend some quality time with the late Catholic theologian Raymond E. Brown, “‘And the Lord said?’  Biblical reflections on scripture as the word of God,” Theological Studies 42(1):3-19, 1981.  It seems to me that Father Brown presents a serious-minded, incarnational view of what we mean, or ought to mean, when we affirm (as we do) that our canonical scriptures are “the inspired word of God.”

Anyone with a desire to read Brown’s article in a manner that complies with the “fair use” provision of copyright law should feel free to contact me for a PDF.


4 thoughts on “Rethinking “Inspiration” – 04 (abstract)

  1. qb,

    I think I read Brown’s article shortly after it came out, but could not tell you with any precision what he said. Would you send me the PDF?

    Happy New Year! We’ve got to do this suds thing more than once a year.

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