Santa came this evening, a week and a day early.  I was a bit blindsided by the *gulp* that overtook me while reciting the Nativity story out of Luke 2.  Somehow the little Simeon vignette just springs it on me, especially when I read it aloud.  What a lucky, lucky man he was.  Hold the Messiah baby, and then go to sleep; sounds like a good way to go.




The kiddos and the squaw sprang another nifty surprise on me as well, this one falling decisively into the “mammon” category but a generous gift nonetheless.  I’ve been swinging graphite-shafted Tommy Armour Silver Scot 745s for nearly a quarter century now, a gift from my late father-in-law.  Get this:  1-PW, with the 1 and 2 reshafted in the mid ’90s with Aldila graphite Low Torque 2.5s.  Back in ’98, while on a business trip to Kerrville, TX, I stopped in at the local pro shop and found a steel-shafted SW and LW in the 855s for a good price, so I pulled the trigger.  For many years, I carried 1-LW with no driver and no fairway wood, and I learned to hit those long irons pretty well.  But the graphite sticks, with their low flex pionts, launch the ball a mile in the air, and that’s really the only way I can get the ball to stop on the green.  (Balata changes that picture quite a lot, but who can find those any more, even used?)  Here at 3,600′ MSL, I very seldom have to hit an approach with anything longer than a 6-iron, so used Pro V1s will stop, even if not primarily as a result of backspin.

Anyway, as I added a Taylor Made R9 Burner (9.5 deg) and the associated 3W to the mix, and with a lot of practice with the boys this past summer, I made a lot of progress, at least at the La Paloma track.  Problems are, I can’t get very much spin with the 745s, and when I include my putter in the bag count, I’m carrying more clubs than are legal.  So I sent Santa a sort of “hail Mary” a few weeks ago, and what do you know?  He came through tonite with a custom-fit 3-9 in the Titleist MB710 forged irons, and (Titleist) Vokey wedges at 48, 52, and 56 degrees…the Vokeys all having the different finishes so I can tell them apart if the IPA has been flowing a bit too freely since the first tee.

So the odds are that my game is ruined for the foreseeable future.  But it’s going to be fun re-learning the game with a set of these gorgeous blades.  I can’t wait [to humiliate myself].

Incidentally, Amarillo golf involves a lot of tight lies, so the bounce on those wedges is near the minimum, 6s and 8s.  Just right.  Let’s see if we can spin some Pro V1s for a change!


P. S.  In case you’re wondering:  True Temper Dynamic Gold X100s, soft-stepped, 2 degrees upright, 3/4″ long, and one extra wrap under the grip for about 1/64″ extra diameter.  (Santa did a little advance work with me, I’ll admit.)

P. P. S.  Took ’em out to the range yesterday and hit the odd irons…smokin’.  But these puppies are *heavy* to swing.  Today was my first lesson with a teaching pro, who is systematically dismantling everything I’ve done to get to where I’ve gotten!  He won’t let me take the club back inside, he won’t let me press my hands nearly as far forward at address, and he has strengthened my top (left) hand, rotating it a few degrees clockwise.  His objective is a more compact, tighter, and more mechanical – meaning repeatable – swing.  So it’ll be a while ‘ere I get back to the magic 40.

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Nice. If you ever want to play at the country club when in Abilene, shoot me an e-mail. You don’t know me, but I’ve posted here under jds before. I’m not good, usually in the 80’s – though a high 90 is not unheard of…

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