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An Open Invitation to the Pat-Robertson-Shushers

18 May 2010

How utterly delicious.

Several prominent members of the Restoration-heritage blogosphere (of which PreacherMike is but one), and many beyond that little fraternity, are fond of telling Pat Robertson and his conservative-evangelical ilk to shut up instead of laying natural disasters at the foot of God as judgment for systemic, social immorality…as Robertson frequently does.

I happen to be rather fond of those members of the blogosphere; I read them often and consistently.  They are politically liberal, appear to be rather fond of our current president, and are not immune to bouts of rhetorical opportunism.  (Just as qb is not immune, as evidenced by this post.)

Now cometh the Godfather of Media, Ted Turner, speaking in very similar terms.  And – gasp! – he has a predictably political agenda virtually indistinguishable from that of the Obama regime.

So let this post be among the first to invite our Blog Titans to inveigh against Ted Turner in tones similar to those they use against the Pat Robertsons of the world.

qb is no great fan of or apologist for Pat Robertson, but this is too delicious an opportunity to pass up.  Let’s hear from you, gals and fellas!  Tweets or blog, your choice.  qb is holding his breath for your denunciations of Mr. Turner, so don’t delay!

affectionate qb

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  1. 19 May 2010 5:36 pm

    I’m a qb fan. One of the sanest voices on my blog in the past seven years.

    What a nutty quote by Turner. Does it bother me? Not really. When you cut me to the center, I’m not a liberal. (I’m an independent. But when you cut me to the center, I’m not an independent.) I’m a Christ-follower.

    Doesn’t much bother me that Ted Turner says nutty things. I’m not interested in defending the left. It bothers me when Pat Robertson says nutty things because he claims to say them on behalf of the one I follow. That I don’t like.

    Peace, qb. Still waiting for lunch in Abilene!

  2. 21 May 2010 7:49 am

    And peace to you, Mike. *chuckle* Robertson is a nut. At least Turner does not affect a credible religious voice…quite, er, right.

    Sounds as though it will be increasingly hard to intersect you in Abilene these next few years!

    Anyway, it was too good a target not to unload a round or two. All the best. qb

  3. Jenny permalink
    22 May 2010 2:08 pm

    Just a comment from a lurker of both preachermike and qb’s blog–if you’re an independent, Mike, why do you only criticize the right? I’m trying hard to remember an occasion on your blog or on your “tweets” when you held the left to the same standard as you do the right….maybe I missed them. Surely you see some hypocrisy and scary rhetoric from the left, just as you do from the right!
    You of course can say anything you wish on your blog….it’s just disappointing not to see someone in your position and with your influence standing a little more above the fray, and it’s almost impossible to believe that you’re really an independent. It’s also hard, as someone who is conservative (but open-minded and fairly intelligent!) to see the philosophy I lean toward being dismissed without discussion as intolerant and nutso….there are plenty of even-handed, thoughtful, and wise conservatives out there with strong arguments that are difficult to refute…’d be nice to see them cited on your blog on occasion instead of only citing those on the “fringe”. By doing so, it seems that you dismiss us all as part of the fringe and our beliefs as not worthy of discussion.
    Sorry if I’m being too critical or judgmental…..just something that has been frustrating me, and since there’s no way to comment on your tweets, I thought I’d take this opportunity!

  4. Julie Murphy permalink
    17 June 2010 7:01 pm

    Great post, Jenny. I would also like to know why Mike only criticizes the right, but I don’t think we’ll get an answer. By the way — he’s at it again today on Twitter (June 17th).

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