It’s the Procedure AND the Substance, Stupid!

From the exclusive with Bret Baier today: Obama said the the debate over the deals “ends up being a little frustrating is because the focus entirely is on Washington process.” With all due respect – and that’s not much, incidentally – the focus is on both process and substance.  The only reason the anticonstitutionalist leadershipContinue reading “It’s the Procedure AND the Substance, Stupid!”

On Glenn Beck and “Social Justice”

I think Glenn Beck’s recent comments and the breathless reactions to them can be described pretty simply: First, the drooling critics are deliberately misconstruing him to score a few political pionts of their own.  And it has worked better than Beck probably hoped. Second, Beck himself is being deliberately provocative.  (Not wisely, and not inContinue reading “On Glenn Beck and “Social Justice””

The Legacy of Lament, Part I

An interesting bit of trivia for you fellow Zeppelin lovers. Beit/Beis/Beth Ha-Mikdash, whichever might be more familiar to you, means “house of the holy.” Now pluralize that. If you’re a fan of “Over the Hills and Far Away” or “Dancing Days,” this is your Grammy-winning album. I don’t think there’s any backward masking (as in,Continue reading “The Legacy of Lament, Part I”