Old Town Pub & Restaurant, Steamboat Springs, CO

600 South Lincoln Avenue, Steamboat Spgs, CO


This place gets 4.5 stars in the Google Maps reviews, as qb found out after the fact.  And it should have been that good, it really should.  This place is quintessential Colorado, an old hotel with a dance floor, a century-old bar, oval windows, and steep, wooden steps from the sidewalk.  The larger dining room reminds qb – gotta be careful here – of those saloon-brothels one sees in old Western films.

The menu is really interesting.  Samuel ordered a three- sausage combo:  rattlesnake/rabbit, wild boar, and elk.  Not bad, but not hot, either.  The unforgiveable sin:  four of us ordered a broccoli-cheese-ale soup; all four came to the table lukewarm.  Mom’s chili was the same.  We sent them all back, and they returned only slightly warmer.  qb’s seared yellowfin tuna was ordinary, and the soy berry vinaigrette dressing was too sweet, bland to the piont of being undetectable.

On the plus side, the onion rings were light and crispy, the mushrooms plump and juicy.  No DDP – this is Colorado, after all.


Two stars out of five.  Yes, perhaps it’s overly harsh – but qb has to figure in the disappointment factor given the fabulous venue, great atmosphere, friendly staff, and compelling menu.  We’ll probably give it a shot at redemption next time.


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