DDP Alert: Steamboat Springs, CO

Diet Dr. Pepper on draft is scarce up in these parts, so a Texan goes into every restaurant and cafe resigned to fate.

What’s glorious about that is that it sets us up for a marvelous serendipity, which qb discovered at 0700 MST:  the bagel shop in Central Park Square has DDP on draft, self-serve.  In addition to some chewy, hand-made bagels and silky cream cheeses.  And some agreeably surly help behind the counter.

The only downside here is that the so-called “large” soda is a pathetic 24 oz.  But who’s complaining?


BTW, it’s still snowin’.  Ten inches since we got here, and more coming today.  No visits to the emergency room.  Samuel – his tailbone healing from some first-night goofiness – started linking some turns on his snowboard, and Silas and Isaac took qb and squaw up the gondola for a delightfully long run down Why Not and Right O’ Way.

Who is worthy of these things?


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