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So Much for a Colorblind Society

7 December 2009

For the record, qb isn’t at all interested in the alleged fact of Tiger’s infidelities.  It’s not that qb doesn’t have an opinion on’t; it’s just that it’s terribly boring…and inconsequential, certainly for me, and for nearly everyone else, too, if they were honest about it.  Tiger’s life does not impinge on mine in the slightest.  (Not quite:  I do have a couple of sleeves of Nike golf balls that were a gift from my late father-in-law.)

Who cares?

What is fascinating, and indeed hilarious, is how the nabobs of titillation can’t let it rest.

What is even more hilarious, though, is how it brings out the race-hustlers, race-baiters, and race-mongers.  Tiger’s not black enough, he’s not Asian enough, he’s not “one of us,” he doesn’t choose the right skin color in the “skanks” (their word, not mine) he chooses to cavort with.  He ain’t “down for the struggle” enough.

Who cares?

Only those, it seems, who have a personal and/or occupational stake in ensuring that America’s racial tensions are fomented and preserved.  Racism is a potent political currency – just as is the fear of being called a racist.  Identity politics moves needles, it moves votes, and it moves taxpayer cash.

When will we move on?


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  1. 8 December 2009 12:55 pm


    My response to the article is to say, “So what!” to its substance and give it a good Bronx cheer. And really, doesn’t being actually “color blind” place one in an *uhhhh* “handicapped” (read “challenged” class). It seems to me that being the “melting pot” or “tossed salad” that we are doesn’t require that we blind ourselves to difference or elevate one difference over another: except as a real injustice exists which might be aleviated or temporarily entitled.

    Instead, lame (oops!) politically correct and patronizing Orwellian nonsense is kneejerk normative for some in my crowd. I recall one stupid gyration of political correctness that tells it (well, almost) all: a American Olympic ice skating commentator was waxing eloquently (rightly so) about a black French skater, calling her that “wonderful African-American French skater.”

    When folks with unimaginative and empty lives find their heroes have clay feet and don’t measure up to their expectations, they do in fact sometimes resent their former heroes for not serving their vicarious needs. And sometimes they are thrown into a tizzy as per feminists, Monica Lewinsky, and Bill Clinton. Or “conservatives,” neocons, and the entire Bush-Rove continuum.


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