Los Nortenos, Bryan, TX

Last week whilst in College Station for some meetings, qb hustled over to downtown Bryan to check in with the good folks at Los Nortenos.  The “Brent Averman Special” (see previous post) costs $7.99 now instead of the $1.92 that qb paid when it was a la carte, but the plate is bigger, it still comes out steaming hot throughout, and it tastes as wondrous as it ever did.  All of my eating companions loved their Tony’s Specials and the carne guisada.

And no, qb gets no kickbacks or royalties.  He pays full price, even when he pays with a credit card.

It’s on S. Main St., across from the LaSalle Hotel.


For qb’s “Brush with Greatness” file:

This old porch is like a steaming, greasy plate of enchiladas

With lots of cheese and onions

And guacamole salad

And you can get ’em down at the LaSalle Hotel in old downtown

With iced tea and a waitress, and she will smile every time

Lyle Lovett, “This Old Porch”


In case you’re interested, the double-meat, double-Death burger at the Dixie Chicken still rocks.  Be sure and sweep your billiard table before you play, though…lots of little shards of chalk in inconvenient places, especially around the side pockets and along the rails.


4 thoughts on “Los Nortenos, Bryan, TX

  1. Interesting line from Mr. Lovett. Not sure I’ve ever liked his lyrics as much as his pickin’.

    Don’t know if you remember his days at A&M, as a grad student and instructor of English. He’d teach Fr/Soph English, and then play at the MSC Lounge (either singly or as talent show). Yup, that was his good-ol’-before-discovering-BIG-hair-days. Great picker as a solo act. He was also on the regional circuit in town and 6th street in Austin at the time.

    Even weird-er, I was in one of his English classes. And survived.

    Definitely one to think out of the box. Ergo, his lyrical style: makes ya think, and smacks of irony and sarcasm. The few I’ve heard, that is.

    Time to get my pony on my boat…

  2. well, i done it.

    saturday last, had lunch at LN with Howard (and both our families). as i was telling everyone at table about your story, one of them found the “qb” special on the menu, which surprised me since didn’t expect it to be printed verbatim.

    i ordered it.

    the clouds parted. the sun shown brightly. a cool breeze drifted over the ol’ downtown. and i sat fat-n-happy inside LN.

    don’t know if this was the way it was supposed to be eaten, but i tore of pieces of the huge tortillas served with the qb special and scooped each and every bite. later, we walked a few blocks around the updated Main Street to enjoy the environs (and walk a few calories off). LaSalle was lookin’ a mess better than last time i saw it, which was a boarded-up shell of it’s original opening.

    thanks for the menu suggestion!

    hadn’t lived in B/CS for 15 yrs; only been back for short visits twice. probably 13 yrs since last visit. was very good to be there. saw very dear friends. offered heartfelt “howdys”.

    always a deep affinity for the place and it’s peeps.

    1. LOL, indeed, Halbert! Unfortunately, the price has skyrocketed. But the quality is now what it was then, and your consumption method was well within expected norms. So carry on. qb

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