Why I Love Defeat

It is trite, of course, to say it.  Shopworn.  Redundant.  Banal.  Superfluous.  But it needs to be said anyway. —– qb cherishes these days with the two younger ones, Silas and Isaac, because Dad still gets to coach them.  All three of the boys are athletic and skilled, and over the years their teams haveContinue reading “Why I Love Defeat”

Lost in the Shuffle, 11/22/63

qb is not sure that we celebrate the world’s more important loss of November 22, 1963.  Here’s a sample of his legendary writing: —– Sooner or later He withdraws, if not in fact, at least from their conscious experience, all those supports and incentives. He leaves the creature to stand up on its own legs;Continue reading “Lost in the Shuffle, 11/22/63”

Abrogating Duty

Here, in a tightly argued column, is the political case against bringing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other terrorists to NYC for trial in the civilian court system.  Here are some legal arguments proffered for KSM’s defense.  And below is an excerpt – minus the invective for which she is rightly famous – from aContinue reading “Abrogating Duty”

Los Nortenos, Bryan, TX

Last week whilst in College Station for some meetings, qb hustled over to downtown Bryan to check in with the good folks at Los Nortenos.  The “Brent Averman Special” (see previous post) costs $7.99 now instead of the $1.92 that qb paid when it was a la carte, but the plate is bigger, it stillContinue reading “Los Nortenos, Bryan, TX”

Rosita’s Place, Phoenix, AZ

OK, folks, it’s time to put another push-pin on the maps on our walls.  This time – surprise! – it’s Mexican food. Let’s begin with the salsas.  Aside from the fact that the bowls are too small, which is a ubiquitous failing of most great places, the two salsas are to die for.  Neither theContinue reading “Rosita’s Place, Phoenix, AZ”

“Virtual Discipleship?”

You’ve got to be kidding me. Those of you with links to the now-immolated Paramount Terrace Christian Church (PTCC) will recognize one of the megachurches to which this article refers.  Must be pretty heady stuff to make the FoxNews home page.  Here’s a quote from a staff member at that church: “We live in aContinue reading ““Virtual Discipleship?””