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The Messiah Meets Realpolitik

30 October 2009

First, let’s be clear:  this article is a product of the Associated Press wire service, not FoxNews.

Second, though, and more to the substance of the thing:  the fire-breathing left just roasted President Bush for his ostensible “unilateralism” in foreign affairs.

Admittedly, Bush never really got the eunuchs at the U. N. to climb aboard, but he did get Poland, the UK, the Italians and Aussies and Spanish for a while…in other words, it’s not quite fair to say Bush acted “unilaterally.”  But even if he had…

…now we have the current administration hedging its own bets and leaving the door open for actual unilateralism:

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal administration planning.

“We have to be prepared to act and we are not going to let this drag out forever,” said one administration official.

Officials stress that they do not want the administration to act alone and would far prefer to have any new sanctions be adopted by the U.N. Security Council.




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