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8-0, 10-0, and 20-0

26 October 2009

Congratulations to Coaches Rick Zimmer and Darren Mooneyham and the whole De Zavala Middle School 5th grade boys’ football team (Kids, Incorporated), who wrapped up an 8-0 season with a 40-0 thrashing of Greenways #2 this past Sunday.

Team coaches trophy

De Zavala Wolves, 5th grade, 8-0, Fall 2009

Silas with trophy

Silas enjoying his turn with the trophy, which is now in the school's trophy case.

Coaches last words

Coaches Mooneyham (L) and Zimmer (R) were proud of the boys' effort.

Silas isolation

Silas started at left defensive end and played second-team tight end.

On Greenways’ second play from scrimmage, qb’s son Silas (#80, R) sprinted in from left defensive end and planted his face mask right in the quarterback’s chest, sacking him and causing a fumble that led to our first score, a 50-yard counter by (#7) Josiah.

Readers well acquainted with qb may wish to note that the Wolves ran their record to 5-0 two weekends ago with a 6-0 nail-biter over our arch-nemesis, Canyon Middle School, who had beaten us in 4th-grade tackle and 3rd-grade flag football.  As sporting events go, there is little that is more satisfying to qb than beating the Kool-Aid-drinking Canyon Eagles fans.  (That’s a sentiment shared by many Amarilloans, but qb has apparently honed it to a comparatively fine edge!)


One day, after the statute of limitations has expired on his antics, I’ll have to tell y’all about the insanely competitive head coach for that particular team of Canyon Eagles.  He’s quite an…well, let’s just say he’s a piece of work.


Congratulations also to Coaches Jimmy Clark, Jason Head, and Andrew Hallum, and the De Zavala 8th grade Silver football team, who punished Fannin Middle School 34-12 in a cold rain on October 20 to go 8-0 for the regular season.  City playoffs began this week with a 19-6 win on October 28 against a big, tough, classy, and superbly coached Bowie Middle School team.  Once our offensive line dialed in on Bowie’s defensive tactics, uber-tailback Beau Gray kept pounding the ball off-tackle, eating up the clock, and moving the chains, and a pair of sticky-fingered receivers (Slater Johnson and Ethan Weirick) hauled in a couple of Samuel’s passes for TDs.  Then Beau got loose one more time, as he inevitably does, and hammered home the final nail from 40 yards out.

The city championship game vs. the Crockett Middle School Pioneers was at 4pm on Tuesday, November 3rd, on the artificial turf at Dick Bivins Stadium.  The Wolves started slowly and had a rough first half, but in the end the Pioneers were overmatched and De Zavala cruised to a 37-7 victory.  Over the last two years, this happy bunch of great kids went 20-0 and put two straight city-champs trophies in the case.


Classy coaches make for a wonderful experience as a dad.  I’m really grateful my boys have had a chance to play for these five men.  In Samuel’s case, I can’t believe we’re already to Samuel’s last football game with Coach Clark; seems like just yesterday I was shaking his hand for the first time at preseason workouts for the incoming 7th graders.  I hope these coaches stick around long enough to coach Silas as well, starting in fall 2011.


Texas A&M 52, Texas Tech 30 at Jones Stadium.  Who saw that coming?  As a wise man once said, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and again.


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  1. 30 October 2009 2:39 pm

    Fat girlfriends?

  2. 30 October 2009 3:40 pm

    LOL, Coop! Once I slashed and hacked my way through your labyrinthine obliqueness, I found the funny. Nice shot.

    Gig ’em,


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