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Tortilleria Lupita, Amarillo, TX

30 September 2009

On my way home from the airport last evening, I decided to stop by an old favorite that’s too far away from my office to drive for a routine workday lunch.  But I’m rethinking that whole cost/benefit thingy.  These burritos – specifically the chile verde and the asado rojo – are simply mind-blowing.  The made-on-the-spot tortillas, as the establishment’s name makes clear, appear to be made with enough lard to grease a fleet of Titan dump trucks, but oh, how heavenly!  In fact, the fat in the tortillas appears to waterproof them in a very helpful way, such that the burrito filling does not soak through to the hands.  The pork is lean and densely stocked in the chile, and the chile is plenty hot…both thermally and Scoville-unitly.

If you want to enhance your burrito – it won’t need it, but gluttony may overtake you – reach into the chest cooler against the front window, to the right of the counter, and grab a couple of small containers of a homemade salsa.  Not under- or over-salted, cold, and delicious.

Burritos here are $2.29 each.  Two of them will satisfy a 240-lb male.

4080 SE 10th Ave., Amarillo, TX  79104

WARNING!  Cash and checks only – NO DEBIT OR CREDIT CARDS – and no Diet Dr. Pepper, either.


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  1. 30 September 2009 1:43 pm


    Now this is something you and I can agree on. I would love to have one with you along with a cold bebida. Sadly, not for a while. Still doing vegan. But haven’t lost my hambre por carne. Someday, alas***


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