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Channelling FDR

17 September 2009

Amity Schlaes wrote it before Obama won the Donkey Party nomination, and therefore she wrote it before his “Immaculation” (Rush’s facile term) this past January.  So it is uncanny – creepy – but illuminating to see how much The Anointed One and FDR have in common in their world views, their experimental tactics in policy, their propaganda initiatives, their modi operandi, the effectiveness of their voices in making audiences swoon over vapid nonsense, their philosophical incoherence, their predilection to co-opt others’ terms and turn them into the opposite of what they originally meant, the cults of personality that grew up around them, their opportunism, their arrogance, their contempt for successful businesspersons, their contempt for the Constitution’s restraints on government prerogatives, and their choices of radical, leftist advisors.

Prepare to be astonished, and then pick up a copy of Ms. Schlaes’ The Forgotten Man:  A New History of the Great Depression.  It will shock, sadden, and frighten you.  And the echoes will deafen you.  But you will see history repeating itself to a remarkable fineness of detail.


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