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Redneck Alley

5 August 2009

Don’t get me wrong:  I love Amarillo.  It’s just right in many, many ways, other than perhaps the institutional church scene or the spring wind.  And most of the rednecks I know are hardworking, family-loving, blue-collar folks that I admire greatly.

But it has an unfortunate subculture of xenophobia.  I’m not sure how pervasive it is, but it keeps showing up every month or two.  Here’s the latest example, taken in the parking lot of NorthWest Texas Hospital last Friday morning.  Disgusting, vile, mean.  The perp needs to meet Bubba up at Potter County Jail.

Why is this necessary?

Why is this necessary?


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  1. 10 August 2009 9:16 am


    I would put it another way: the perp (presummably a young male possibly uncertain of his own masculinity) needs to meet up with himself. Such activity costs us all, even the perp, in higher insurance premiums, more costly auto repairs, and tears in the social fabric. It is a form of permissiveness encouraged, largely I think, by uncharitable Christian fundamentalism.


  2. 10 August 2009 4:13 pm

    qb’ll go along with that, Coop. qb

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