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The “Weeps” Have It

27 July 2009

qb’s not sure whether to giggle or weep, but we can be sure that Rep. Conyers (D-wherever) speaks for quite a number of people in the Congress of the United States.

THINK about this.  Deeply.  Seriously.

The inescapable conclusion is this:  if many representatives were to adopt Conyers’ posture – and we learned with previous bills that they in fact have adopted it in specific cases – then it follows that the longer, more complicated, and more expansive the bill, the less likely our representatives are to have a clue what they’re actually voting to do.  They are less likely to be informed about what they are doing.  They are less likely (as if they could be less likely than they already are) to understand, or even to want to understand, the many implications that the legislation will have.

My word, what have we become?


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  1. 29 July 2009 11:45 am

    Reader #2 reporting:

    1) Come on, qb. Give our congress persons credit. They read the briefings their staff members give them. They, Repubs and Demos, cannot increase their salaries without hubbub, so they increase their perks and leisure time with lobbyists over dinner at the Willard.

    2) And yet, the sausage gets made. Not always to our liking but it gets made. Did the founders invision how government would morph. Hardly. But then again, Ben Franklin would have loved Viagra.

    3) By the way, Krauthammer speaketh not whereof he knoweth. He is slicing neo-con domestic baloney. Malpractice insurance settlements of gargantuan proportions rarely occur. The more dangerous the practice specialty, the larger the premium.

    4) I am writing this on my lunch break, so I’m not wasting your or my tax dollars (except for the electricity). I confess to you that I have now joined the ranks of the gastronomically marginalized Texans. I am purist vegan for the time being. That’s right, a vegan. But in four weeks the eschaton will be immanentized and I will experience the second-coming of beef, pork, and certain kinds of fish but no chicken.
    For now, beans and beans and beans and tofu, other veggies and fruities, and habenero hummis (actually very tasty). I’ve dropped 15 pounds and in the process violated the 1926 Geneva Convention against gas warfare. But my wife can give as well as she takes.

    Your vacation will be a wonderful source of memories.


  2. 29 July 2009 8:05 pm

    #1 and #2 together form precisely the piont. Sausage gets made, but none of the workers know what’s in it. So when a dude from the left coast piddles in it and a guy from Detroit spits in it, nobody’s the wiser until hours after we all partake of it, and by then, we’re doubled over in the privy.

    Plus, the fact that sausage gets made is not in any meaningful sense an achievement, and it certainly is not one of which to be proud.

    #1 is simply damning. I’d be happy to let them increase their salaries – significantly – if they would do much less, and do it far better…which at the least requires that they KNOW what they’re doing, whatever else it might involve. (Obama’s relenting on the timetable for the health insurance “reform” bill today was presented disingenuously, BTW. There’s no way his behavior over the past three weeks could be interpreted any other way than as wanting to get a bill immediately, no matter how terrible it would be. Contrary to popular belief up there, we in flyover country are not idiots.)

    And as to #3, they don’t have to happen often to have an intimidating effect of the sortS Krauthammer describes. I think I’ll trust him on this one, thanks.

    Best wishes with the self-denial, there, though. Habanero hummus actually sounds pretty good, especially if the alternative is soybean curd.


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