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Avoiding the Chain-Restaurant Scene in Abilene, TX

1 July 2009

OK, for a traditional American breakfast – bacon, eggs, toast, coffee – it’s the no-nonsense Towne Crier Steakhouse on US80 (MLK Blvd.), a couple of blocks west of Judge Ely across and slightly west from Whataburger.  Opens at 6:30a for us earlybirds.  









But when it’s time for a breakfast burrito, hustle over to La Popular (1533 Pine St., at 16th).  And for lunch or supper, $1.75 (you’ll need at least two) gets an out-of-this-world carne con chile burrito, savory, lean beef in green chile – sneaky hot, and no frills.  And no web site, either.  At least two satellite locations, one on S. Treadaway (Bus. U. S. 83) and another closer to downtown.

Meat lovers normally think of Joe Allen’s when they think of BBQ in Abilene.  Instead, qb would like to recognize Sharon’s BBQ across from the Towne Crier as an outstanding lunch spot.  My pulled pork sandwich was thickly cut and thickly stacked – again, no frills – and the jalapeno creamed corn was outstanding.  

Sharons BBQ






The related Sharon Riley’s Lytle Land and Cattle Co. has a tremendous reputation for great steaks; qb can’t comment, but if Sharon does with steak what she does with BBQ, it’s got to be fantastic.


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