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Eating on 6th St.

12 June 2009

Samuel desperately needing animal protein after a long day’s work on the football field, he and I tried to get in Casino El Camino on 6th for the fiery burgers (on a tip from Guy Fieri, naturally), but the bouncer dismissed us before the first lungful of blue smoke reached our alveoli.  So we hit the Old Pecan St. Cafe instead.  (A sad note for the beef lover:  Dan McClusky’s, RIP.)  Just as qb remembered it:  great food, interesting ambience, and pricey.  Samuel’s filet was thick, precisely medium rare (as ordered), and submitted willingly to just a nod from the steak knife.  qb never scored a bite of it, alas.  My chicken bretzola salad was fresh and pleasantly tart – but beware the unannounced sweet gherkins underneath the spinach!  The chicken seemed a bit dry, but with enough EVOO tossed in, it’s not that big a deal.  Anytime a restaurant serves real butter instead of the disgusting alternatives, it’s a plus, but would it be too much to ask that the butter not be already melting in the bowl when it arrives?  Heck, swimming in ice water would have been better.  But enough nit-picking.  That we have to probe so deep for deficiencies (OK, one more:  no brew on draft?  in Austin?) is convincing evidence that this venerable 6th St. power-lunch venue still has the chops.  Recommended.


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