Reaping Where We’ve Sown

It’s unfortunate that Bloomberg uses the connotation-heavy term “vigilantes” to describe bond investors.  But markets have a way of going over the politicians’ heads to convey information about investment risk and their perceptions thereof.  This article suggests very strongly that the free-spending ways inaugurated by Bush 43 (of which we have been very critical in thisContinue reading “Reaping Where We’ve Sown”

Deconstituting America, Part III

Conservatives, of course, should oppose – and filibuster, if necessary – the confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor to the SCOTUS.  As a Circuit Court judge, her decisions and judicial reasoning have been repudiated 4 out of 5 times on appeal to the Supreme Court; she is openly on record as viewing the judicial branch (especially theContinue reading “Deconstituting America, Part III”

A Uniquely Absurd Proposal

From many perspectives, this proposal by Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL), known as the “Paid Vacation Act,” deserves the utmost contempt.  (I want to use the term “logic-defyingly stupid,” but I won’t.) 1.  Is there no end to Congress’ aspiration to micromanage us? 2.  Does it never occur to Mr. Grayson that “France requires 30 daysContinue reading “A Uniquely Absurd Proposal”

Experimental Apostasy

Damn the airport bookstores.  Damn them. —– Salt Lake City’s airport is nothing to write home about.  While the rest of the airborne world has busily upgraded its terminals with consumer-friendly offerings and comfortable, airy spaces, Salt Lake City has contented itself with the airport of the 1980s:  narrow concourses, low ceilings, and sparse nutritionalContinue reading “Experimental Apostasy”

From the Northern Rockies

An assortment of things today while qb’s on the road. —– If you’re traveling to Twin Falls, ID, and need a Diet DP fix, you can find a 32-oz fountain version inside the McDonald’s at 42.59234 N, 114.4612 W.  The quality of the DDP is above average among the fountain class. HOWEVER:  that’s not trueContinue reading “From the Northern Rockies”