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Egg On Face

26 March 2009

OK, qb’s going on the record:  all of this uproar about a major winter storm bringing 10-16″ of snow and blizzard conditions to the Central Panhandle is probably much ado about nothing.  We may get an inch or two, but that’ll be about it.  Note to self:  Plan on going to work tomorrow.

You heard it here first.

UPDATED DURING THE NOON HOUR 3/27/09 – as I thought…there’s little more than 1″ out there, and it’s just blowing around into drifts.  The snow machine better get cranked up, or the local school districts are gonna look kinda silly for canceling today’s classes even before the storm hit last night.

UPDATED NOON 3/28/09 – after shoveling the walkways and the driveway.  ’nuff sed.


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