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5 March 2009

Well, well, well.  Sounds to me as though the emperor’s new clothes are starting to look a bit threadbare.  More style that substance?  Deception masquerading as truth?  Say it isn’t so!


Here’s the formula:

  1. Affect righteous indignation about the state of things that the new Administration “inherited.”  (qb agrees that Bush 43 did great damage with some of his Democrat-like policies, including expanding entitlements and federal education spending.)
  2. Convene a summit, a focus group, or some other sham gathering of so-called “experts” to “debate” policy options that are only peripheral to the deeper causes of the current “state of things.”
  3. Receive the group’s “recommendations.”
  4. Hold a press conference to laud the group’s “energetic” and “creative” work; crow about how the “recommendations,” surprisingly enough, align with the Administration’s a priori policy choices.
  5. Submit proposals to Congress that embody what Obama was wanting to do anyway.


Now we hear from across the pond that our poser-in-the-White-House has no problem insulting the ordinary government of Great Britain as long as he gets to visit the Queen.  Sweeeeeeeeet….


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