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Rendezvous with Destiny

5 March 2009

My mom gave me a wonderful little gift last week, and I finally had a chance to watch it last evening.


The first vote I ever cast in a presidential election was for Ronald Wilson Reagan, just before my 20th birthday in 1984.  My dad had been a precinct chairman for Barry Goldwater in ’64, so I came by it honestly…by blood, I guess.

What strikes me about this little documentary of Reagan’s political career is how prominently the guests – Richard Perle, Ed Meese, even the chief of Reagan’s Secret Service detail after Reagan returned to California in ’89 – recalled Reagan’s deep-seated humility.

It also strikes me how he, as well as Presidents Bush 41 and 43, simply vanished, heading quietly back into their private lives as ordinary citizens instead of insinuating themselves into every public matter they can find.  The contrast with the deeply annoying Carter and Clinton could not be sharper; neither of them has seen a camera he didn’t like.  Carter seems determined to rehabilitate his “Misery Index” legacy, but in truth he simply makes himself look more and more foolish with every passing day.  Clinton?  Ugh.  The less said about his legacy, the better.  Where is the class?


Not bad, Ronnie, not bad.

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