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Let’s Just Say

27 February 2009

Let’s say you don’t have much of a life, and what life you do have you spend in airports waiting for your next flight.  And let’s say you have 3G cell phone service and a web-enabled browser.  In that case, you really should point your iBrowser to this site and poke around.  The folks sitting around you watching CNN’s Airport Channel will soon start wondering when you’re going to choke on your own vomit from laughing so hard.

 (I should know.)


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  1. 28 February 2009 3:38 pm


    Your near-effluvia in the airport occurred because of the Reuben, the Tabasco, and the alien beer you shared with the stranger (whose high school kids used to call “Darth Grader”) in the Flying Saucer. For the stranger, it was sheer pleasure—especially since you picked up the tab (although I have to confess that my stomach during mediation training on Friday morning wasn’t too steady): must have been the sauerkraut.

    Thanks for the memories. Let’s do it again.



  2. queueball permalink*
    28 February 2009 7:54 pm

    If a certain associate minister on the South Plains is monitoring this channel, he’s jealous of me having a br3wski or four with the inimitable Coopster. Indeed, let’s do it again. Maybe next time, the Delirium Tremens will be safely back in keggability there.


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